weekly travel theme: the four elements

This photo is my tribute to the four elements: earth, air, water and fire.

Do you know that the earth‘s atmosphere and the position of the sun from the horizon determines the colors of sunset? I’ve read that when the sun is closer to the horizon, the sun’s light passes through more air. This scatters away the shorter waves like blue and the colors that shine through are red, orange and yellow which makes the sunset appears to be fiery orange and/or red in color. The colors become even more dramatic as they are reflected on water.



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photo of the day: buds

I love to play around with different effects on photos using photo editor. It was fun seeing the transformation of a photo to something with some bit of a character. Some accidental bokeh on the background added some nice and unique textures too.

In this photo, I made use of  focal b&w effect.

IMG_6814 - Copy

flower buds

And here’s the original photo.

IMG_6814 - Copy (2)

flower buds

And speaking of photos, i just want to thank all of you my blogger friends who liked my entry “A Line that Divides” to Rodposses’s 5th RPC. I’m very grateful to all of you.


Have a happy Sunday 🙂