photo/s of the day: spider lily

This exotic looking white flowers have extremely long and hanging petals. They have long flowering period. The flowers open in the evening and emitting their perfumes overnight. The scent is delightfully fragrant.

spider lily


spider lily

photo of the day: buds

I love to play around with different effects on photos using photo editor. It was fun seeing the transformation of a photo to something with some bit of a character. Some accidental bokeh on the background added some nice and unique textures too.

In this photo, I made use of  focal b&w effect.

IMG_6814 - Copy

flower buds

And here’s the original photo.

IMG_6814 - Copy (2)

flower buds

And speaking of photos, i just want to thank all of you my blogger friends who liked my entry “A Line that Divides” to Rodposses’s 5th RPC. I’m very grateful to all of you.


Have a happy Sunday 🙂

photo of the day: hanging on

Please bear with me as i always feature photos i took right in my own backyard. I have been practicing taking photos as well as experimenting with different kinds of simple editing. The ones i think that are good enough (again, in my humble opinion) are those that i feature in my blog.

I’ve taken this photo yesterday which is a wilted flower still clinging itself tightly. As i walked in my little garden this morning to take some more photos, i noticed that it’s still hanging on. It’s interesting to see the detailed texture of the wilted petals.

hanging on

It’s a lovely morning after the rain. Yesterday’s lowest temperature reached 19 degrees and it was really cold.

Wishing everyone a happy morning 🙂

photo of the day: a silhouette

Birds love visiting my garden. Yesterday, i managed to capture 3 birds in a row and they are roosting on my telephone cable. The birds made a nice silhouette against the clear blue sky.

3 birds

photo of the day: a leaf

This morning, i walked around my garden hoping to find some good images to capture. I’ve taken photos of some flowers, leaves, roots, and even spider’s web.

This is the photo i want to feature today. Although i like the original looks of the image, I decided to play around with the photo editor and i think i’ve got the best result (my humble opinion). With just my beginner’s luck,  i’ve captured some good bokeh in the background that made the photo more interesting.

(photo taken by Canon EOS and edited using FotoFlexer lomoish effects)

edited photo

original photo

Which one do you like best?

photo of the day: crown of thorns flowers

The bright red velvet crown of thorns flowers are still a bit wet due to a slight drizzle this morning.

crown of thorns flowers

I hope i made your morning bright 🙂

the mystical orange flowers

Hi everyone..  As promised, i went back to my mother’s garden this morning and took lots of photos of the mysterious orange flower. My first post about it which you could find here had created quite a stir because no one knew the name of the flower even if the post had been reblogged by some blogger friends just to help me in finding its identity. Anyway, here are lots of photos and some descriptions about the plant and the flower and i am still hoping that maybe someone could finally recognize it and reveal its true name.

The flower stem holds several spikes which form into buds.


the flower stem

One spike opens up into a single petal and when the buds open up, it forms petals which are neatly layered one on top of each other forming a cluster. They are vibrant orange in color .

the flowers

A single petal is about 2.5 to 3cms. in size. It is soft and delicate.


this one consists of 2 flower stems

a close up view of the flower stem

Observing the plant, i noticed a dried up flower stem with spike-like casings resembling that of wheat.


A seed is formed for every dried petal which makes me believe that the petal itself may actually be a single flower.


I am sure that someone out there may know its true name but in the meantime, I think i would refer to it as the mystical orange flowers.

photo of the day: snowflake flower

Here’s another flower that i took photo of.. the Snowflake or most commonly called the White Angel flower here in the Philippines. It is about 2 cm. in size that look like a snowflake hence the name. The flowers have no scent but when in bloom they look like a carpet of little stars or snowflakes in the garden. The plant could grow to be a bush but a little trimming to keep it’s height would do well.

It is also called the Milky Way, Winter Cherry Tree, Arctic Snow, Pudpitchaya, Sweet Indrajao and Hyamaraca. (reference: TopTropicals)

white angel flower

white angel flower

It’s a beautiful morning after a slight drizzle. The sight of pretty flowers always brighten up the day. I hope all of you have an awesome morning as well.

photo of the day: orange flowers

This morning, i noticed orange flowers in bloom in my mother’s garden. When i asked her what those gorgeous looking flowers are, my mother said she doesn’t know because they just appeared in her garden.

orange flowers

orange flowers

Tomorrow, i’ll be back to my mother’s garden and will try to get some of these plants. I love the color of orange. Wildflowers or not, i want these plants in my garden.

Dear friends, do you know the name of this plant? I would appreciate it very much if you would message me what these flowers are. Thank you 🙂

UPDATE: The flowers are called CROSSANDRA. Thank you Arlene and Maria.