everything heals

As i contemplate on what my life has become, i wondered if all the things that happened are a form of PUNISHMENT. Maybe i was bad in my previous life or just plain unlucky in love. My first marriage ended in failure. I became a single mom and i tried with all my might to provide my kids their needs. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night just crying because i just felt so tired… physically and mentally tired. It is no joke caring for three kids all your own. But i triumphed. Although my life was not that good i did a good job.

Years later, i remarried and i thought everything would be even better. Or so i thought. Because after fifteen years, it would end… it was a failure because of his cheating. I had to deal with a lot of challenges again and struggle with all the emotional trauma and regrets. Yes, there are a lot of regrets. All those years wasted because of his stupid mistake. I couldn’t bring back those precious time but i believe that everything heals.

Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don’t last. – LessonsLearnedInLife.

I know that it isn’t easy to achieve happiness but past relationships should not ruin future happiness. I know it is easily said than done but it would be really unfair to myself if i would not give it a try … one day at a time.

Don’t let past relationships ruin your future happiness. Scars remind us of where we’ve been not where we are going. – Unknown – TinyBuddha.com

Oh well, inspite of all the drama, i am feeling grateful about a lot of things. I am grateful for flowers around us as they help in calming the mind and the body.


I am grateful for a little bit of cooking knowledge because i find it relaxing and at the same time fulfilling and all the food i have created and recipes invented are the CHERRY ON TOP.


I am grateful for my wonderful cats because they always make me smile. Here’s a video of my rescued cats Ashton and Kuting grooming each other. Please enjoy!

Flower, food and cats equals happiness.

a word a week photo challenge: arch

Heart-shaped arches.. how cool!

Three arches in a row.

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

The sun is beginning to set, and i hurriedly took this last photo from the other side. Did you notice the popular signage at the left side of the photo? Yes it’s Starbucks with a drive-thru.

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

At the base of the arches are newly-planted passion plants that are already flowering. Sooner, these crawling plants will cover the arches. I could almost imagine being greeted by these colorful flowers hanging from the arches as i pass by this pathway and when that day comes i will surely take photos of them again.


passion flower

Lining up the pathway are lantana flowers. Aren’t they colorful and gorgeous?


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Have a happy Wednesday 🙂

weekly photo challenge: curves

Walking around my garden, i marvel at the different loops and curves a single tendril could have. Aren’t they pretty?

This one formed so many little loops before curving into a letter C.



How about double loops with each loop curving into more loops for each loop. Oh did i make any sense?



This one has even some web encapsulated by the spirally curves.



And if you’re wondering where these loops and curves came from? They are tendrils from my dazzling and exotic red passion flower plant.


red passion flower

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my e-journal: Star’s passion flower, kitty Star is home, i’m happy to the nth power

I received a text message this morning that kitty Star is now eating and i could take her home today. I am so happy. No words could ever describe my extreme happiness. I thanked God that my kitty is getting okay.

I also noticed this morning that the passion flower bud has opened. I already have the red variety and this one has purple flowers. I will be calling it Star’s passion flower because it bloomed today as i was about to take my kitty home. My kitty Star is doing okay and for the first time i saw my plant’s flower so it’s a double happiness for me today.


passion flower


passion flower


passion flower

When i arrived at the hospital i saw that Star is still eating and that’s a great sign. Her doctor explained to me how to administer her medications at home. Here’s her photo, she’s in the carrier and ready for home. What a great joy!

PicMonkey Collage1


As soon as i arrived home, i wrote a big reminder which i posted on the fridge about her 3 medicines that are to be given at different time intervals. When i asked her doctor as to what really went wrong with Star, she says that she is anemic. The disease might be hereditary because of her breed or it may be caused by viral infection. The 3 medicines are prednisone for the management and treatment of her immune system, antibiotics for viral infection and iron supplements to aid in the production of red blood cells. She will be having a recheck on June 15, 2013 for complete blood count again to see if the medications are really working for her.

Kitty Star and I are truly grateful for all your thoughts, prayers, concern and well wishes. Well, she will really have something to say on her Cat Purrday Friday Post so please watch out for that.

Sending love and thanks to everyone.

P is for passion flower

Today, i decided to participate in MY PERSONAL A TO Z CHALLENGE and this would be my very first entry. So, here goes.

I began experimenting with different settings on my Canon EOS camera the other day and tried to photograph a close up view of a flower. Being a newbie, i guess it’s more of the trial and error thing until i get the best results. I did not look far for a subject and just picked a red passion flower right out of my garden and took a lot of shots. Oh yes, my red passion plant is super blooming right now so i have a lot of these flowers hanging brightly on the arch of my driveway.

Here are the photos. By the way, no editing is done on these photos.





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red passion flower

It was only last December 2011 that we planted the red passion flower plant which i included in my ‘tour of my garden‘ post and just very recently, it began to bloom.  I never thought that these flowers which i just often see in pictures are really this beautiful up close.   The flowers are soft and velvety.  The color is very bright red.

Here are some photographs of my passion flower beauties:

red passion flower taken with instagram

red passion flower

red passion flower

red passion flower

red passion flower buds

red passion flower buds