cat purrday friday post: can you find me?

Hi everyone. Mum is so happy that our internet connection has been restored. Well, it has been down for the past 10 days because of the recent strong typhoon. It had been an agonizing and difficult 10 days… electric power was back after 5 days, water supply was back after 7 days and finally we got to use the phone and the internet just today.

Mum was so funny the other day, she has been looking for me and couldn’t find me and she thought i was under the bed but i’m up here. 

star's chilling spot

star’s chilling spot

I love my mum, she really reserved a spot for me in the cabinet where i could take my nap. Can you find me? 

Oh by the way, here’s another photo of my boyfriend Boots. Mum has updated her ABOUT page and he’s now one of the family. He is such a cutie wearing the green jersey!



That’s all for now and see ‘ya all on my next cat purrday post. Have a happy weekend 🙂

Hugs and purrs,
kitty Star





i’m back!!!

There are really those times during the blogging period where there’s a need to make a hiatus… a time to reflect and to recharge. A lot has happened during the 10-month break, some ups and downs, the passing of my german shepherd whom i love so dearly and i still miss, graduation day of one of my sons, travelling, family reunions last Christmas, addition of a new cat for fostering which i think he’s mine now, etc. I tried to go back on blogging (a different blog) but it’s more of a personal blog with cat posts every now and then of course.

I would like to thank everyone who still visits this blog even when i’m away. Thank you for your likes and comments and i noticed that some of my previous posts still get “likes” and i appreciate it very much.

The biggest blow that happened to me during the time of my hiatus was the passing of my beloved dog last May 28, 2014. I will post my tribute to my Johnny after this. I still cry whenever i think of him because i really miss my sweet boy.

I hope to update this more often and speaking of update, i better update my About page too.



Kitty Star says hi to everyone.

tagged Z: zzz’s

Some photos of Star on zzz’s mode. I really love her beautiful and angelic face.







This post completes my A to Z story/photo challenge.

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sparring partners

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

I am so late in posting my cat purrday friday post. The previous days had been so hectic and i could barely make a post in my blog. I do hope to catch up in my blogging soon. Anyway, here are some of the funny photos of my kitties. This is how they rumble, tumble and play.





After all the running around and the rough play, here are my two kitties Star and my adopted kitty Tiger, too tired and sleepy to even pose and smile for the camera, haha.


Above photos were edited via picmonkey using the Lomo Features.