A trip to Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without everlasting flowers. It is always a tradition to bring these flowers home as souvenirs. Luckily, i found these gems in one of the stalls at the mall where they showcase different produce from every region or provinces. See, i don’t have to travel 5 hours or more to reach Baguio just to buy these beauties. As soon as i’ve seen them, my mind travels back in time to the first time i traveled to Baguio.

Everlasting only grows in high altitude places. Flowers when fresh have very intense and rich colors but will slightly fade as it dry and will retain their firmness throughout the year. Dried everlasting will last forever.

And you my Star is my everlasting love.

I love how you always stay by my side when we sleep. I love how you greet me with kitty kisses on my nose. I love how you curiously stare at me and watch me when you’re on my your pillow or even from afar. You always make me smile.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage


white as snow

SMOOTH as satin, soft as cotton, white as snow… that’s me.


Hi everyone, i am Star.

  • i am an oddeyed traditional persian cat
  • 4 years old
  • loves to play
  • was hospitalized once when i was 2 years due to low-blood count (mom cried bucketloads for that because she was extremely worried)
  • just a little friendly with the other kitties but very attached to doggie Kristina because i grew up with her and we sleep together every night
  • i am mom’s first cat, well i used to be the only one in the house til she adopted Tiger, fostered Boots, rescued Ashton and Kuting and now we are 5 and i’m the only princess
  • i love staring at mom, i always enjoy watching her
  • other than mom’s bed, you could find me sleeping in the open type cabinet.. can you see me?


Sorry for messing with the clothes again mom…

hey buddy

Who or what comes into your mind when you hear the word BUDDY? I bet most people will immediately think about their pets and “hey buddy” is even a common pet greeting.

Presenting… my laptop buddies. Please enjoy. 🙂

Ashton and Tiger side by side.

All paws up!

Ashton and Tiger are nap buddies.

I’m holding this for you mom.

Can i help you type?

Boots in lala land… shh don’t disturb.

Can we play first before i take my nap?

I know they are just enjoying the warmth coming from it but i think they just want to be near me and just hang out and be annoyingly cute and adorable.

luxury of being alone

I am happy being single again… well, still not legally single but SINGLE. I must admit that i used to be afraid about the consequences of being separated and being alone. With a little savings, i was thinking more on how i would survive. But hey, i’ve come to realize that i need not be afraid. It’s not the end of the world but rather a renewal. I think being alone is the happiest thing that ever happened to me because it freed me from stress, emotional trauma and pain. I don’t need a cheater and a liar. It is better be alone than be with someone who don’t value me as a person and not be respected. For me, cheating or having an affair is the utmost betrayal. I felt so insulted and disrespected. Anyway, as i’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, i have moved on. I am enjoying my alone time.

After my chores are done my room is my private sanctuary. It is where i recharge and connect to my inner self. Some little belly rubs to my cat and hugs to my doggie instantly provide calmness and relaxation. And as i lull myself to sleep, thinking about future plans and dreams give me hope. It makes me happy.


Good thoughts, relaxing moments, furry sleepbuddies equals a good night sleep 🙂 Comfort in my solitude.

This is my entry for today’s daily prompt: SOLITUDE by Daily Post.

cat purrday friday post: sorry about the screen door mum!

My kitty Star loves  to go up the screen door everytime she hears birds tweeting. Solution: go crawl up the screen door to have a better outside view.

Oh Star, look at my screen door now, it’s riddled with your claw marks.

She’ll stay attached to it for some time until she decides to climb all the way on top of the door to roost and watch the outside world.











cat purrday friday post: this box is mine!

Hello again my furry friends..  this post is a little bit late. Mum thought she posted a cat purrday post last Friday but when she checked on it today, there’s none. Anyway, better late than never… right? 

Today, i’ll be sharing with you photos of me and my sibling Tiger. You see, i found the box first and Tiger also wants the box.. and he wants to get in but he’s so big and heavy and there’s only a room for one.. 

Oh no Tiger..  this box is mine!


Star and Tiger

See how small the box is?


Star and Tiger

You’re so funny Tiger. 


Star and Tiger

Just look at Tiger’s face.


Star and Tiger

You can’t buy the box with your cute face Tiger, haha!


Star and Tiger

See! there’s just a room for one.



Don’t worry friends, i love Tiger and i gave the box to him after i’m done playing with it..

Hope you’ll visit me again next Friday. (mummmm, don’t be late in posting the next cat purrdayyyyy..)


breakaway kitty collars

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hi furry friends, kitty Star here. Welcome to my purrday Friday post. 



Have you heard of the breakaway kitty collar? Mum says it’s the safest collar for me and my sibling Tiger. It’s the one that could snap easily if caught on anything because we kitties are so adventurous, we love to climb and we love to go to high places.

Here’s a photo of my collar.

kitty Star’s breakaway collar

And here’s Tiger’s collar.

Tiger’s breakaway collar

Here’s a photo of Tiger with his breakaway collar.



These types of collars like the photo below, when hooked on a tree branch or snagged on a fence or a window latch could easily strangle and put your 9 lives in danger. Bad thing to wear.

PicMonkey Collage1

unsafe kitty collars

Meet Queenie.



He (that’s right, Queenie is a He) is one of the many cats of my grand-mum. When my grand-mum named him, she thought Queenie is a female. I guess my mum’s love of cats she got from my grand-mum. One day, Queenie’s collar got caught in the fence and he was dangling for quite sometime before a passing neighbor saw him and immediately informed my grand-mum about it. So, my mum’s niece hurriedly went outside with a scissor and cut the collar away. Queenie almost died since my mum’s niece told me that his tongue is out and not breathing. Grand-mum took him inside the house and gave him a little shake and yey, he’s okay. But he was really panting and grasping for breath.

Wear breakaway kitty collars. They are safer especially if you are an indoor/outdoor cat. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend kitty friends.

kitty Star”

weekly photo challenge: a day in my life

A typical day for me starts early. Waking up late makes my head ache. Breakfast, chores and more chores follow soon after and i don’t want to bore you talking about them.

Some free time gives me the chance to visit my garden and finding flower buds ready to bloom and some have opened up to reveal their sweet scent. Here are some of them, photos taken at different times of the day.

I had some cheese curls for snacks. I know it isn’t a healthy snack but got to give in to my cravings for now.


cheese curls

I also sliced a lemon to make a refreshing iced lemon water. Well, it’s different from a lemonade. I just put some slices of lemon in plain cold water, no sugar added please. Ahh, so good! They say that lemon in water has medicinal benefits as it helps in cleansing the body and aids in digestion.



I usually retire at 10pm and when i go up the stairs towards my room, it’s like i’m the Mother Hen with my girl Kristina, my princess Star, and my adorable handsome adopted kitty Tiger following me. They all sleep with me in the room. Kristina on my side, Star would be near my feet (sometimes on my pillow) and Tiger just stays at the hallway.

About 2am, i suddenly woke up finding 2 big eyes staring at me. It’s Star and she displaced my Shrek stuffed toy and found her in his place instead. Oh kitty, how did you manage to get there? Well, Star slept there all night long.


kitty Star

When i woke up this morning, i found Star here. She’s waiting for me to get up so she could have her breakfast. Oh, and i could hear Tiger meowing already and definitely hungry. Unlike Star, Tiger is more vocal. Almost always, kitty Star just communicates by just staring at me.


kitty Star

Oh well, time to feed the fur babies and make myself a cup of coffee.

A typical day for me starts early………

i’m feeling grumpy today!

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hello my furry friends!

Last Monday, mum and i went to the Animal Clinic for grooming and at the same time for a little consultation with the vet. You see, there’s some irritations on my ears and mum said the vet should look into it. I knew it, ahh i need some meds and ear drops. 

Well, the ear cleaning is good, i think i like it but the meds… yuck!

Mum said, i need to take the meds for just another 2 days more. That’s good.. i don’t really like it’s taste and i hate it. But mum said it’s good for me and she says my ears are looking good now. Hmm, well i think so too. But i really don’t like the medicine!!!

Mum is so good and sees to it that i forget that stress. She gives me yummy treats right away. But i still don’t like the medicine!!!

Here is my photo just right after my ordeal. I’m looking and feeling so grumpy but mum says i look so funny. Oh mum!!!


grumpy kitty Star

Well, two more days to go.. but i really don’t like the medicine!!!

Oh i think i need a little nap. See yah all again on Friday. I promise, by that time i’m not grumpy anymore.

kitty Star

kitty Star’s photo then and now

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hello furry friends, Star here. This is my photo when i was just a baby.. i mean a little kitty.


Star @ 2months

And here’s how i look now .. i will be turning 1 year and 3 months soon.


Star @ 1 year and 3 months

Visit me again on my next Cat Purrday Friday Post.

kitty Star”