travel theme: orange

Maki is one of those that tops my list when ordering at Japanese restaurants.


california maki or california roll

I just love those little bright orange fish roe covering the roll. It tastes a bit crunchy and salty sweet.

It is not often i see it in supermarkets and when i do i usually prepare mango kani (crab) salad which is my daughter’s favorite. You could find my recipe here. Well, it can do without it, but i still think it looks beautiful with a sprinkle of those bright orange roe.

kani salad

kani salad

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travel theme: big

I searched my archives for “BIG” photos and found mountains, roads, buildings, houses, trees and others. I’m sure that a lot of fellow bloggers would be posting about that so i decided a different approach in interpreting the travel theme challenge.

My “BIG” interpretation would be BIG APPETITE. Well, it has been raining non-stop since yesterday and i’m always being roused from my sleep last night because of the sound of the rain. The coolness of the weather makes me want to just stay in bed a little longer but i have hungry mouths to feed and some more mommy chores to do.

Today, i prepared these for lunch.


mango kani salad

This salad is a favorite and it’s called the Mango Kani Salad. Kani means crab in Japanese. It only consists of shredded crabsticks, julienned cucumbers and mango. I will be adding kewpie or Japanese mayonnaise to serve. Yum!

For main course, i cooked my own version of Afritada which is ribs cooked in tomato sauce with carrots, potatoes and bell peppers. I just added some sugar to even out the sourness of tomato sauce. The kids love this dish.



I’m sure these could really satisfy their BIG APPETITE.

Hey kids! it’s lunchtime!

Happy Monday to all.

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