cee’s fun foto challenge: anything that lights

We went out of town last July 2013 and ate lunch in one of the popular restaurants. I was attracted to the lights on the ceiling and immediately took a shot. The lamps are so simple yet beautiful and moroccan inspired.

Did you notice the soft warm rays of light coming from the windows? They made everything cozy and bright.

soft rays of light

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weekly photo challenge: illumination

For the weekly photo challenge with Illumination as this week’s theme, here are my entries.

The colors play around with the dancing of water on the fountain brightly illuminated by lights.



How about these illuminated mini speakers that could be connected to a desktop computer or laptop by usb. I saw these on display in a computer store and it’s so exciting to watch  how the liquid inside shoots up and dance to the beat of the music.

see how the lights shooting up a bit

now the lights inside the speakers are bursting  as the music is making crescendos

Here’s a close up view of the speaker. (sorry for the tilted image :))

mini speaker

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weekly photo challenge: delicate

These are photos i took of chandeliers made of paper. They are so beautiful and delicate.

paper chandeliers

paper chandeliers

paper chandelier

paper chandelier

Like fireworks that light up the sky during new year, these are wonderfully displayed in a paper and craft store.

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travel theme: bright

The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Right after Halloween, it’s now time to decorate and brighten up the house with Christmas lights of different shapes and colors.

If a nice song can uplift our spirit and make us happier, so are the the brilliant decorations of lights. Colors influence how we feel that’s why red is one of the most popular colors during the holiday season because it stimulates the energy and creates excitement.

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travel theme: on display

When i visited the newly opened Cafe Mary Grace at the mall, i couldn’t help but notice the beautiful and gorgeous chandeliers adorning their ceiling.

The glass stained windows added texture and drama to the place exuding the feeling of warmth and coziness. I love the place. Oh by the way, they serve delicious food and offers the best cheese rolls in town.

Look up and view the ceilings. Who knows, there might be lots of dazzling adornments on display up there which are just waiting to be admired and photographed.

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