My week has been hectic but yesterday afternoon with a SPARE time on my hand, i picked a lot of flower buds in my garden and made leis. Afternoon is the best time to pick these buds as they open up at night and gives out its sweet delightful scent.

Dainty little buds…


I turned to leis…


I even playfully formed a heart…


Sampaguita also known as Philippine jasmine is the EPITOME of beauty and elegant fragrance. More than a national flower, it is often used as garlands and corsage during graduation ceremonies and in welcoming guests as well as adornments and offerings for the altar and other religious festivities. It’s pure white color (a NEUTRAL color) symbolizes peace and purity.

And speaking of pure white… sharing with you a photo of Star as white as snow.


Happy Sunday 🙂

my e-journal: flowers and leis and dark sky

I picked a lot of flower buds in the garden this morning. I made leis out of them and here they are. Photos are taken at different time intervals hence you will notice the opening of the petals.







Sampaguita is a member of the jasmine flowers family. It is one of the national flowers of the Philippines with Waling-Waling being the other. It is usually made into necklaces and a popular and traditional offering for the newly-graduates, a welcome offering to visitors and flower offering at the altar.

It rained this afternoon and it made me lazy. I feel like i just want to snuggle in the couch and cuddle with my kitty Tiger. Tiger is a cuddle baby, unlike kitty Star whom i could only cuddle when she’s sleepy. Anyway, i welcome the rain and the soothing air it brings. I think the rainy season has started.

As for my leis, i carefully placed them at the altar as offering.


dark sky