cee’s fun foto challenge: lines

Today’s temperature reading is a hot 30 degrees. In the days to come it’s going to go hotter than that.

Last weekend, it rained just a little, sort of just passing through and i managed to capture some photos of my garden as soon as the drizzle stopped. I’m dreaming of a cooler weather so here are my entries for this week’s theme.

It’s exciting and refreshing to see the lines formed by droplets of rain on leaves on a hot and humid day.


avocado tree


avocado tree

Oh by the way, it’s my avocado tree. It has grown so tall since the day we planted it. It’s almost reaching my terrace.

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tagged L: leaf skeletons

Yesterday, i was organizing my stuff and found these colorful leaves. I was planning on making use of these for my scrapbook but inadvertently misplaced them.


leaf skeletons


leaf skeletons


leaf skeletons


leaf skeletons

They look delicate but are surprisingly springy and flexible. They are great for just about any crafting like card making, gift tags, scrapbooks, invitations, and even decorations. They also look so pretty and attractive when framed. A pack of 4 pieces is P29.50 (or about $0.70).

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tagged D: droplets of rain

It rained early in the morning so after having my coffee i grabbed my camera and looked for photo opportunities. I love taking photos of plants with droplets of rain. They add so much texture thus making it a beautiful image to capture.

droplets of rain

Crystal clear, like tears from heaven, the droplets bring so much life and beauty. The little rays of sunshine made every droplets glow and glitter with the reflection of light.

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