cheery and bright

Colorful, vibrant and cheery lantana flowers that lined the side walk are for the eyes to FEAST on. As i begin to photograph them a happy butterfly is as enthusiastic as me as it began to fly from one flower to another. It also feasted on their sweetness feeding on nectar.


The butterfly is so elusive as i try to take some photos. And almost missed it.


Yey, gotcha.. i almost missed again.


Oops, it flew… it’s almost out of range.


And finally, the butterfly is in the range and i guess this is the best shot.


I looked so silly hopping from one flower to another just to take some photos but it’s fun.

Happy Wednesday! And to add brightness to your day, here’s Ashton my laptop buddy for today showing off his whiskers and his itty-bitty tongue. Please enjoy!


a word a week photo challenge: arch

Heart-shaped arches.. how cool!

Three arches in a row.

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

The sun is beginning to set, and i hurriedly took this last photo from the other side. Did you notice the popular signage at the left side of the photo? Yes it’s Starbucks with a drive-thru.

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

At the base of the arches are newly-planted passion plants that are already flowering. Sooner, these crawling plants will cover the arches. I could almost imagine being greeted by these colorful flowers hanging from the arches as i pass by this pathway and when that day comes i will surely take photos of them again.


passion flower

Lining up the pathway are lantana flowers. Aren’t they colorful and gorgeous?


To join in the challenge and to see more ARCH photos, visit Sue’s blog A Word in Your Ear.

Have a happy Wednesday 🙂