silent healing

We all experience emotional struggles and each of us has our own way on how to deal with it.

In my process of self-healing, i usually write quotes that i could relate to based on what i have experienced and what i am trying to heal from. It is not easy getting over pain, heartbreak and hurt and betrayal. Inspirational quotes motivate and inspire me to go on. They uplift my mood, encourage me to be positive and make me feel hopeful and happy.

And what else could make me happy? These cuties.



I just hug these fur babes and i would feel okay. Cat’s purr is believed to have therapeutic effects on human as it is both relaxing and healing. Cats spread a lot of positive energy too which is exactly what i need.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: SILENCE

christmas 2017

From my family and furmily,


Marwind, a german shepherd who will soon turn 3yrs
Rafraf, a native local aspin dog that i adopted from the province. He is 2yrs old.
Tobi, a shitzu who just turned 5yrs
Kristina, my very first pet who is already 11 yrs old. Don’t let her age fool you, she is still a puppy at heart.
Star, (white persian cat; middle photo) my princess… my first cat. She will be turning 6 yrs at the end of 2017.
Boots, (gray persian cat) a foster fail.
Tiger, (white and orange cat) my 2nd cat. I adopted him from the shelter to be Star’s playmate. I just celebrated his 5th year adoptversary last October 2017.
Kuting, (gingercat) previously one of the outside cats that i feed but made him an indoor cat because he is just too sweet to be an outside cat.
Ashton, (tabby) i rescued him last 2015 as a teeny-weeny kitten fitting the palm of my hand. Now, he is a big boy who loves to eat.
Goldie, (black cat) a rescue. From a skinny, baldy, hungry, scarred cat he turned out to be a beautiful cat and i was surprised that he actually has semi-long coat.
Puti, (first photo) my special needs cat. Because she is deaf, sometimes her meows are so funny.

Also, from my outside cats (last photo),

Big Mama, Big Boy, Trico, TepTep and Lily.

and………………………..  lastly from AKI, a brand-new addition to my furmily. As in super brand-new as he just arrived at this very moment,


Side Story:  While doing this post my son arrived home and surprised me with a new kitty…  his Christmas gift to me. Oh my gosh, truly unexpected and i cried with joy.. Here he is… AKI, a cute addition to my big furmily. Welcome home sweet baby.


Peace, Love and Happiness to all.

Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

shine bright

I had a nice time dining out with my kids in a new restaurant at the mall near our place. Upon entering, we were greeted by a blast of multi-colored decorations… delicately beautiful dropped lights and lamps, flowers and plants and a lot of inspiring quotes adorning the glass walls.


I love the mismatched chairs and they make the place even more charming.


Distressed mirrors that hang on wall and the metal lattice works with all those tiny details on display provide the rustic appeal. I love the Moroccan inspired pendant lamps that can be seen on almost all corners. They give off that lovely SHINE that provides warmth to the overall ambiance.


The blue water goblets are so attractive and they will surely be on my wish list this holiday season. Oh by the way, the food is as impressive as their interior.

And … here’s something to make you smile… sharing with you a photo of Puti (means white in English) my all white foster kitten to brighten up your day. Her eyes SHINE bright like blue sapphires. She is one sweet girl despite her hearing disability. (Ah mom, it’s time to clean my nose plzzzz...)


Have a happy Wednesday.

tagged R: rescue

In my About page, i’ve already introduced my adopted cat Tiger. I also featured him a lot of times in my Cat Purrday Friday Post together with Star, my odd-eyed kitty.

It has always been my wish to adopt a cat. So, i went to C.A.R.A. last October 31, 2012. Friends from C.A.R.A. immediately let us in and here are some of the photos i took of the cats that need forever homes. The place looks humble and simple and clean and their cages are clean too.


Tiger’s playmates


cats for adoption


sweet kitty


one of the adorable kitties

When we arrived there, the cats have just been put in their cages after their playtime. Me and my kids took time to bond with the kitties. The staff were gracious enough to introduce them to me and at the same time giving me a description of their traits. When i went there, i wanted a kitty who is about the same age as my Star. I’ve held and hugged a lot of kitties but Tiger stood out among all the kitties. He is the sweetest, he was so relaxed when i held him in my arms and around my shoulder and i really felt that Tiger is the one. I believe he’d chosen me as his new mum and i felt it in my heart.

I was so excited being with the kitties but felt sad too for hearing stories from the staff on how some of these furries had been abused by evil people. Each of these kitties have stories to tell and it’s heartbreaking.

While signing some papers, Tiger is being readied for adoption. One of the assistants cleaned his ears and cut his nails. Then they let me pose with Tiger so they could take a photo of us together for their record.

I’ve learned that Tiger is one of the 7 siblings that they found inside a sack and meowing from hunger and abandoned in the street. C.A.R.A. rescued them and had to bottle fed them since they were so tiny and needing milk to survive.

Here’s Tiger feeling so relaxed inside the car. Did you notice his tipped ear? Yes, he’s already spayed.



And here he is on his first day in the house feeling so comfy at the cat condo. I think he weighed less than 2 kilos then.



Here’s Tiger now, a big bundle of cuteness, weighing almost 5 kilos. He’s such a sweet and adorable boy.



I’m sure i made Tiger very happy and the feeling is mutual. I’m so happy too in adopting a rescue cat that needs a fur-ever home.

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cat purrday

Hello everyone!

Today and every Friday thereafter, i will be posting photos all about my kittycat Star. I wanted to share the wonderful photos that i took of her capturing her every moves, her playful antics, and even while she sleeps. This inspired me in creating CAT PURRDAY which is a weekly cat post.


My first CAT PURRDAY post:

Kittycat Star loves to play inside a paper bag.. playing hide and seek and staring at me with those big blue and yellow eyes and even jumping in and out repeatedly. Give her a bag and she would play with it endlessly, oftentimes ripping it apart.

playful kittycat Star

Aren’t those eyes gorgeous?

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roses and cheesecake

Yesterday, hubby gave me 3 long-stemmed roses and my favorite cheesecake. Actually, it was an advanced gift for our monthsary which is every 27th of the month. Knowing that he won’t be around on the 27th, we made an early celebration.


A red rose signifies love and respect, white is for loyalty and sincerity, and peach is for appreciation and thanks. Hubby sure made the right choice of colors.

roses and cheesecake and my kitty Star

Okay now Star, stop poking your nose on my cheesecake.

roses, cheesecake and my kitty Star

… and stop chewing on the leaves! Star is always so curious about everything.

roses and cheesecake

I finally was able to take a good photo without my playful kitty in the picture.



ceilings (part 1)

I’ve always been fascinated by ceilings everytime i visit a new place, may it be a restaurant, a hotel, a house, or a church. I marvel at the details of the design, the lights, and the colors.

classical dome at fernbrook gardens

nature’s church in las pinas

crisostomo restaurant at alabang town center

antonio’s restaurant in tagaytay

ballroom at the peninsula hotel in makati

le cafe at lyceum of the philippines

mcdonald’s at pontevia

italiannis at alabang town center

starbucks at southmall

I hope you enjoyed viewing my photos.. and the next time you visit a place, don’t forget to look up and maybe you would appreciate the place even more once you got to look at the ceilings.

my kittycat Star

But, look who’s looking down at me when i looked up? It’s my kittycat Star on top of the door.

Happy 7 month’s birthday Star!

In about a few days from now, my kittycat STAR will be turning 7 months old.. Playful and very sweet,  she never runs out of energy, and always wants to play with anything and everything that moves…




Here’s hubby and Star, during one of those cute moments.

Hey Daddy, can we play?

Oh these papers are fun to play with..

… and this, too!

Look dad, i’m chewing on it right now…

But i really wanna play daddy..

Dad, dad, dad, i really wanna play with you…

Um, okay, i’ll look for mom, i will ask her to play with me..

But i’m really enjoying chewing on your papers, dad..

Hey mom, can we play?

Oh, okay, you’re both busy… i might as well take a nap..

Mmm, mom’s laptop is a good place to take a nap.. play with you later.. mom.. dad..

My kitty STAR just turned 3 months

It has been more than a month since i acquired my kitty Star. She is gaining weight, very active, very playful, and more cute than ever.


Star is always so camera-ready..

One of the places that she loves to pose is on the stairs where she could have a good view of us, with her blue and copper eyes following us around.

she's playing peek-a-boo with me while taking her photo.

These are her favorite toys:

cat toy

meet my little kitty.. STAR

I’ve been wanting my own kitty for the longest time.  Finally, got myself an adorable and cute little kitty and she’s named STAR.  She’s a persian cat, pure white coat, and the most distinct feature that’s unique about her is that one of her eyes is blue and the other one is yellow (copper).

Meet STAR, the new member of the family:

my kitty STAR

my kitty STAR

my kitty STAR

my kitty STAR