little emotional appeal

I am obsessed with journals and i have a wide collection of them. These are the newest addition.

I love the quotes written on their cover.

Beige Journal:

every day
has a little surprise
every day
is unique and different

Purple journal:

The best way to predict the future
is to invent it.

Pink Journal:

Appreciate the beauty of the world
beautiful scenery can be seen on the road.

Among the three, my favorite is the pink one. It has lovely multi-colored butterfly prints adorning its layered pages. It’s so cute and unique isn’t it?

These days, i am filling out the blank pages of my orange journal. I adore the little pineapple trinket dangling on its page marker. At the end of the day when everything is relaxed, i often write my feelings and how my day was. I write to express my emotion. My orange journal is a wonderful listener. It is always open for my thoughts. It has become the WINDOWS to my soul as it knows my deep down emotions.

Hello October. Looking forward to more exciting things ahead. I know that challenges will come along the way but life goes on… i will just be bringing out all the goodness in every single day.

my e-journal: leftovers, my little blackbook and a lovely sunset

Do you have the habit of keeping leftovers in the fridge? Sometimes i do. When i checked the fridge yesterday, i had some fried chicken, some tenderloin tapas and adobo and leftover rice.

How to turn these leftovers into a delicious meal? So easy.  Slice some chorizo as it gives a very wonderful flavor and also slice or dice all leftover meat, don’t forget to debone the fried chicken, put them all together in a pan with a little bit of oil, then add some garlic and onions, add the leftover rice, sprinkle some parsley, a dash of pepper, mix them all together and voila… a delicious fried rice. What is exciting about this dish is that the possibilities are endless because you may add any veggies of your choice like sliced red or yellow bellpeppers for color, spinach, peas, diced zucchini and others. Adding salt to taste is optional since the leftover meat is already flavored.

To serve, i topped it with slices of scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of parsley flakes and here it is, a delicious breakfast or brunch.

fried rice

This dish is a favorite with my kids and always disappears in an instant.

I edited some photos on my laptop while doing the laundry so i could entertain myself. These journals and my little black book are at hand too. The LBB or the little black book contains all my passwords that i use when i go online. If only i could make all my passwords the same to make everything easy but i guess it is really not a good idea. That’s why i love my LBB.

my journals and the little black book

From my terrace i watched the sun sets. If only i could watch it sans the cable wires and the electric wires that are blocking my view. But i’m glad i captured the moment.


It’s Monday once again and i am having this Monday’s blues. Well not because i feel lonely or what but it’s because i need to wake up early, prepare my kids’ lunchbox and drive my daughter to school, blah, blah, rant, rant. Oh the life being a mom.

How about you? How’s your Monday?