cee’s fun photo challenge: squares and angles

Yesterday, i came across this lovely window display of a popular clothing brand and i think it could make a good entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.





The frames are so lovely. I love its Victorian design.

weekly photo challenge: unique

As  most of you know, i’m really fond of taking photos of ceilings and all its adornments. I found this rather unique looking light fixture in a Chinese restaurant which is so cute and resembles an oreo.

DSC_0886 - Copy

light fixture

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travel theme: walls

I found this wonderful wall in one of the popular malls in the metro. Actually, the reason why i photographed it is because i fell in love with the decoration on the wall as well as the matching long sofa. It is located near the fitting rooms and sadly, not for sale.

lovely wall decoration

The colors of the decoration and sofa all complemented each other. It is screaming with beauty.

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