a word a week photo challenge: technology

The other night while i was busy reading blogs, my kittycat Star was in a hyper mode. She was running crazily, chasing i-don’t-know-what-it-is up to the point that she even ran on top of me while i was in bed seated in front of my laptop. So, i decided to search a video on You Tube that she could watch to make her sit still. I found a video of birds feeding happily and noisily at a bird feeder.


Star, watching birds on my laptop

Success! She is finally settled and i kept her entertained. Well that’s how TECHNOLOGY works for me and Star.

To see more photos with TECHNOLOGY as this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge, visit Sue’s blog.


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weekly photo challenge: dialogue

“For this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?” – The Daily Post

Star: What do you mean it’s the new menu? No tuna? No salmon? No chicken? Those are just for dogs not cats!


(no offense to my doggies… you love chewing on my slippers when you were pups, right?.)

The real story behind the above photos: I took a photo of Star just at that moment as she was about to yawn. And the other photo was a store window display. I thought they did a nice job in catching the eyes of mall goers. They showcased their new released items as New Menu served on colorful platters and i find it rather unique and original.

cat purrday friday post: this box is mine

Hi dear friends. Can you guess the real owner of the big blue box?



20131120_205346aIf you guessed Boots, you are correct. Well actually the box is really for Boots. Mum bought this box so Boots could use it as his own litter box. I have my own and it’s colored green. Tiger has his own too and it’s yellow. Both are covered and with flapping doors. I love mine cause you know it gives me some privacy. You see, Boots don’t like covered litter boxes. Silly boy, he doesn’t even know how to use the flapping door. 

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and i hope i made you smile today.

Warm hugs and kitty kisses
kittycat Star


wordless wednesday: chix with an apron made me smile




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