cee’s fun foto challenge: anything that lights

We went out of town last July 2013 and ate lunch in one of the popular restaurants. I was attracted to the lights on the ceiling and immediately took a shot. The lamps are so simple yet beautiful and moroccan inspired.

Did you notice the soft warm rays of light coming from the windows? They made everything cozy and bright.

soft rays of light

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cee’s fun foto challenge: wood

This week’s fun foto challenge by Cee is to show off a few photographs of wood.

Wood/Spring: Tree, Wind, Moisture, Air, Minerals, Ink, Mind, Rubber, Paper, Plants, Poison, Wax, Dissolve, Carbon, Clouds, Health, Space

drift wood

drift wood

I had this mounted driftwood for quite a long time now about 8 years since we moved in our house. Some of my orchids are planted there. It has been ravaged by time, the elements and weather. How many times have i seen it swayed to the fierce wind during a storm and most often falling on the ground with a branch broken. Still, it is proud and mighty and standing up and i bet it could still withstand a lot more of stormy weather.

I think this is the metaphor of life.

cee’s fun foto challenge: water

Located at the heart of a mall, this urban oasis which is really called The Oasis offers a breath of fresh air for shopaholics. It is an outdoor cafe and deli shop and a perfect al fresco venue for dining and mini cocktail parties.

The sound of water gently cascading in the pool is very relaxing and for a moment you will be transported to another dimension away from the hustle and bustle and noise inside the mall.

There was a slight drizzle when i visited the oasis but that didn’t stop me from taking a few photos.

the oasis

I tried to photograph the biggest black koi that i’ve seen but it swam so far and hid itself near the rocks. But, i managed to capture some of its multi-colored pondmates. There are pink ones, white, orange and some a combination of all these colors.

the oasis

(Note: above photos were edited using the boost effects of picmonkey photo editor)

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cee’s fun foto challenge: metal

Want to have a cool ride with this ‘metal’?

discovery 4 land rover

discovery 4 land rover

discovery 4 land rover

discovery 4 land rover

discovery 4 land rover

discovery 4 land rover

discovery 4 land rover

Below is a slideshow of above photos. Enjoy!


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fun foto challenge: lines

The red and while lines of the canopies of the Christkindlmarket stalls:

Christkindlmarket in Manila

Christkindlmarket in Manila

Christkindlmarket in Manila

For the first time in the Philippines, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines organized the first Christkindlmarket in Manila. Christmas items such as pastries, sweets, holiday meats, Gluhwein (hot wine) and decorations can be bought from various stalls. Products from Germany France, England, Spain, Italy and other European countries will be showcased in the event. The Christkindlmarket was set up at the ice skating rink to make the visitors and the shoppers feel the coolness of winter and to replicate the original event.

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fun foto challenge: ups and downs of outdoors

This week’s theme on the Fun Foto Challenge is all about Ups and Downs of Outdoors.

Vibrant color of red contributes to the festive mood during the holiday season. Lovely poinsettias line up the stairway which makes the outdoor activity center bursting with excitement and happiness. At first glance, they all look unreal because the color is so vivid but they are in fact real plants.

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Happy Friday!

fun foto challenge: colorful monotone

These are untouched photos i took of a vintage car on display lighted by an auto-changing colored spotlights. I was blinded by the multi-colored spotlights and i never really had the chance to see the real color of the car.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is all about taking colorful monotone photographs.

fun foto challenge: photograph something new

yellow bell


yellow bell

I have a lot of photos of my yellow bells but this afternoon while i was trying to take some new photos i became so thrilled upon seeing THERE’S A STAR INSIDE THE YELLOW BELL!!! Now, that is something new to me, haven’t really observed that before. Being a ‘star’ person (i am starlight and my kitty is STAR), this is truly very interesting to me.

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fun foto challenge: pets

Cat Purrday Friday Post:


A candid photo i took of STAR while she’s busy looking out the window. Big bright eyes staring at the birds, her face is a picture of excitement.

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