a word a week photo challenge: bisect

We’re having nasty weather today because of a super typhoon but i’m glad that late this afternoon the rain has stopped. I was feeling lazy the whole day and this weather makes me want to just snuggle up in bed with the kitties.

This week’s theme for A Word A Week Photo Challenge is BISECT. I really don’t have that much photos about scenery but i would like to share these photos that i think could fit in the challenge.

Here’a photo of a pink wildflower. Notice how the clear focus in the middle bisects the entirety of the photo.

pink wildflower

Here’s another photo of a leaf which is full of rain droplets that look like crystal beads that glisten. The leaf tends to divide the photo diagonally.

rain droplets

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weekly photo challenge: one shot, two ways

Camia or the Philippine Camia which is also called the White Ginger Lily is a common plant in the Pacific Islands. I used to have them in my garden but was damaged during the last strong typhoon. These photos were taken in my mother’s garden.

The flowers are so sweet smelling and its scent permeates the air. It is also a popular flower used in leis.





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black and white photo challenge: texture

The rose is originally colored blue. I edited it to make it in black and white. This rose is actually about 5 days old when the photo was taken. It is in its final journey and soon wilt. It find it exciting that even in black and white, the veins of the petals, the creases, and the onset of wilting which are all parts of its texture is very visible.

a rose on its final journey

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weekly photo challenge: fresh

Kissed by the sun, these flowers open up revealing its bright colored petals. They are called Vietnam Rose and comes in a variety of colors like pink, violet, yellow, orange and red. They are also called the 10 o’clock flowers since they are in full bloom at exactly 10 o’clock in the morning.

Propagating this plant is quite easy. It grows easily from cuttings. Mine are just days old but they are blooming instantly. It doesn’t need much water, it blooms all year round and grows best with lots of sunshine.


vietnam rose


vietnam rose


vietnam rose

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tagged Y: yellow yellowbells

No need to search high and far for my Tagged Y. My fence is covered and bursting with yellowbells.

The sudden downpour didn’t stop these yellowbells from showing their bright color.




Picked a flower so i could capture the details up close.





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weekly photo challenge: curves

Walking around my garden, i marvel at the different loops and curves a single tendril could have. Aren’t they pretty?

This one formed so many little loops before curving into a letter C.



How about double loops with each loop curving into more loops for each loop. Oh did i make any sense?



This one has even some web encapsulated by the spirally curves.



And if you’re wondering where these loops and curves came from? They are tendrils from my dazzling and exotic red passion flower plant.


red passion flower

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tagged X: xyloid

The vivid orange color of the crossandra flower petal looked so attractive and striking against the woody earthy background. I made use of driftwood and it’s xyloid texture provided character and substance on my rather simple photo subject. The soft and creamy bokeh at the right side of the photo made it more visually appealing and pleasant.


crossandra petal

Definition of xyloid: (adj.) (botany) of, relating to, or resembling wood; woody or having woody characteristics. Origin from the Greek word xyl (wood) + oid

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my e-journal: Star’s passion flower, kitty Star is home, i’m happy to the nth power

I received a text message this morning that kitty Star is now eating and i could take her home today. I am so happy. No words could ever describe my extreme happiness. I thanked God that my kitty is getting okay.

I also noticed this morning that the passion flower bud has opened. I already have the red variety and this one has purple flowers. I will be calling it Star’s passion flower because it bloomed today as i was about to take my kitty home. My kitty Star is doing okay and for the first time i saw my plant’s flower so it’s a double happiness for me today.


passion flower


passion flower


passion flower

When i arrived at the hospital i saw that Star is still eating and that’s a great sign. Her doctor explained to me how to administer her medications at home. Here’s her photo, she’s in the carrier and ready for home. What a great joy!

PicMonkey Collage1


As soon as i arrived home, i wrote a big reminder which i posted on the fridge about her 3 medicines that are to be given at different time intervals. When i asked her doctor as to what really went wrong with Star, she says that she is anemic. The disease might be hereditary because of her breed or it may be caused by viral infection. The 3 medicines are prednisone for the management and treatment of her immune system, antibiotics for viral infection and iron supplements to aid in the production of red blood cells. She will be having a recheck on June 15, 2013 for complete blood count again to see if the medications are really working for her.

Kitty Star and I are truly grateful for all your thoughts, prayers, concern and well wishes. Well, she will really have something to say on her Cat Purrday Friday Post so please watch out for that.

Sending love and thanks to everyone.

wordless wednesday: color slowly fading …

20130503_091546 - Copy



my e-journal: a cluster of ___ (guess what?), flowers and cupcakes

Before anything else, starting today, i would be posting some of the things i do from day to day. Well, not doing it everyday but i wish i could especially if there’s really some interesting stuff to share with you. Anyway, i would label it as my e-journal and this is my first entry.

While walking around the garden this morning, i chanced upon this all clustered up at the doorstep. I think the pattern they made is pretty awesome.



The scent of the citrus tree flowers is so refreshing. Every twig has flower bulbs ready to open. Sooner, i would be harvesting lovely fruits from this tree.


citrus flowers

My jasmine is in full bloom too and emitting a sweet scent especially in the evening. Sometimes i pick some unopened ones and make leis out of them.



It rained last night and i love the raindrops on the zamia leaves.  They look like heaven-sent crystal beads that are cooling the plants during this hot summer days.


zamia plant

I could stay a while longer in my garden but i really need to do some errands. It’s enrollment time and off i go to my daughter’s school then had a very late lunch at the mall. Here’s what we had for dessert… cupcakes.



The cupcakes are from the newly-opened Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and they taste so heavenly good. Going back again to try other flavors.

Well, it’s been a busy day but it’s all worth it. By the way, can you guess what’s in the first photo forming a cluster? Not sure what it is? click here for the answer.