cat purrday friday post: this box is mine!

Hello again my furry friends..  this post is a little bit late. Mum thought she posted a cat purrday post last Friday but when she checked on it today, there’s none. Anyway, better late than never… right? 

Today, i’ll be sharing with you photos of me and my sibling Tiger. You see, i found the box first and Tiger also wants the box.. and he wants to get in but he’s so big and heavy and there’s only a room for one.. 

Oh no Tiger..  this box is mine!


Star and Tiger

See how small the box is?


Star and Tiger

You’re so funny Tiger. 


Star and Tiger

Just look at Tiger’s face.


Star and Tiger

You can’t buy the box with your cute face Tiger, haha!


Star and Tiger

See! there’s just a room for one.



Don’t worry friends, i love Tiger and i gave the box to him after i’m done playing with it..

Hope you’ll visit me again next Friday. (mummmm, don’t be late in posting the next cat purrdayyyyy..)


meet kittycat TIGER, a new member of the family

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Oh dear Star, this post is not about you sweetie. Let us introduce Tiger, your new sibling and playmate.

Meet Tiger, a male PusPin or Pusang Pinoy (pusa means cat in English and pinoy a short form of Filipino) breed most commonly known as domestic short hair house cat. I just adopted him from CARA clinic last Wednesday October 31, 2012. There are at least 50 kittens/cats at CARA clinic for adoption and i’ve chosen Tiger because we bonded instantly. He is super sweet and friendly and i think would be a very good sibling and playmate for my kittycat Star and my lovely doggie Kristina.

Here are some of the photos i took of Tiger about a few hours when we arrived home. Star is so funny and curious, she kept on poking at Tiger even when he’s asleep.

curious about my camera

Uh-oh, who’s occupying my kittybed now?

Oh Star, you are so funny!  Haha, that face.. !!

looking out the window to watch the birdies for the first time..

gorgeous bed, isn’t it Tiger?

I love you Star, you are a such good girl! Thank you for accepting Tiger.

Today, i’ve seen that Star and Tiger has been running around and playing with each other already and i feel so happy.

Everything is doing well. Tiger is one lucky kittycat indeed for finding his forever home with me. I just wish that more and more people would be willing to adopt the poor kitties. Like Tiger, they too are in need of forever homes to live the lives that they truly deserve at home with a family.