cheery and bright

Colorful, vibrant and cheery lantana flowers that lined the side walk are for the eyes to FEAST on. As i begin to photograph them a happy butterfly is as enthusiastic as me as it began to fly from one flower to another. It also feasted on their sweetness feeding on nectar.


The butterfly is so elusive as i try to take some photos. And almost missed it.


Yey, gotcha.. i almost missed again.


Oops, it flew… it’s almost out of range.


And finally, the butterfly is in the range and i guess this is the best shot.


I looked so silly hopping from one flower to another just to take some photos but it’s fun.

Happy Wednesday! And to add brightness to your day, here’s Ashton my laptop buddy for today showing off his whiskers and his itty-bitty tongue. Please enjoy!


the ugly frog turned into a handsome prince

Sometimes i am beginning to think that my blog is turning into a cat blog. It’s just that i wanted to share my love for these wonderful furry companions. They are my source of calmness as they ease away my tension and stress. Hearing them purr or just by stroking their smooth fur gives me a sense of well-being.

Ashton and his story.
When i rescued Ashton he was so skinny that i could see his protruding ribs, he’s wet, cold and shivering as it was raining that day. His eyes were dull, hazy and watery, his face looked so sad, had colds and wet at the bottom. My heart melted right away so i scooped him up and brought him home so i could give him a chance to live. I have never seen such a teeny-weeny kitty that rubs itself to my foot even if he fall and tumble and yet do it over and over again. Okay, that’s it. I cannot leave him there. It was as if he was begging me to pick him up and save him.

Now, several months later, he turned into a handsome prince. The DETAILS of his transformation is so clear. His eyes are now green and bright. He looks so happy now and healthy. He had defeated all his medical issues and blossomed into a perky, playful kitty. It took a lot of medication and loads of tender love and care to make him better and they are so worth it.


The lovely thing about these two photos is that little Ashton and the bigger Ashton is sporting that same kind of cute smile. So adorable.

dainty as a cotton candy

I have a new favorite flower… COTTON CANDY. That’s right. It is really called cotton candy, a popular air plant. Actually it’s name is Tillandsia and cotton candy is just one of its hybrids. I searched online and I’ve known that air plants are so easy to maintain. It doesn’t need soil to grow and would just need some misting depending upon how hot the climate is. If it is unbearably hot, the plant needs to be dunked in water for quite a while and drip dry before displaying it again.

The reason why it is called cotton candy is because of its dainty soft blush to bright pink flowers that look so deliciously soft and pretty to eat like a fairy floss.

I found this plant during one of my shopping trips. Since i am unsure of where to place it as it needs to be in a semi-shade to bright light places and most importantly where the cats couldn’t reach it, i just took some photos of its flower. I promise myself that i would visit the plant nursery shops near my village and look for cotton candy hoping that i would get it at a much lower price. The ones i saw at the mall cost P200.00 or about US 4.30 per plant.

In the meantime, i am sharing these photos for your eyes to feast on.





For more good vibes, here’s a photo (grabbed from my son’s file) of my 2 rescued kitties Ashton and Kuting. Although both are puspins or domestic short hair native cats, they are exactly OPPOSITES in terms of manners. While Ashton, the gray tabby loves cuddle, Kuting the gingercat is still a bit hesitant for cuddles. Ashton is not at all impressed by the laser dot but Kuting loves to play with it non-stop. Kuting has a soft meow but he is the talkative one while Ashton rarely meows. But there’s this one SIMILARITY with the two of them that always make me smile… it’s the way they sit. So cute isn’t it?


(Note: no worries about Kuting’s tail. It was shaved by the vet for his tail docking. I found Kuting’s lower tail already dried sort of mummified due to an injury probably because of a fight with other feral cats. The vet docked his tail as well as neutered him and he is fine ever since and became an indoor cat from then on. Read more about him here.)

It’s a rainy Sunday out here but i love it.  🙂

a moment of euphoria

I scattered lots of catnip on the floor and the kitties went crazy. They looked so silly as they lick it, chew on it, and roll themselves on it. Watching them having their moment of euphoria is such a delight.

After the mad scramble for catnip, it’s time for some day dreaming. I wonder what my cats were visually imagining in their heads. I could only think that maybe they imagined to be floating in the sky and catching all those chicken treats flying by or maybe chasing those colorful butterflies in the garden. I wish i really knew.

The looks on Kuting’s FACE after the play…


Kuting is such sweet cat. The moment he decided to walk inside the gate and joined the group of outside cats that i have been feeding, i knew he is different. He is mellow and has a soft meow. When a part of his tail died because of wound infection (most probably because of an attack by other neighborhood cats) i brought him to the vet for tail docking. I knew he was suffering from dragging that dead tail as he moves. After the operation and series of antibiotics, he has recovered and is well again. And yes, he was also neutered and vaccinated and became an indoor cat. He settled in immediately being indoor and learned how to play. He is a HEALTHY and a happy cat.

Happy Sunday everyone. 🙂

letters to santa

Cat Purrday Friday Post:



Dear Santa,

First of all, i want to thank CARA for taking good care of me while waiting for my purr-ever home. Thank you to my mum for adopting me and now that i have my purr-ever home, i wish that all the kitties out there will find theirs as well.

Santa, i hope you will give all the furries in the world their own cat toy and a nice soft bed to sleep in.


i have been a good boy and i wish mum will put a bag of cat treats in my stockings on Christmas Eve.



Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl. I only have a few toys, so i hope Santa you will put just 1 toy in my stockings on Christmas Eve. But.. if in case you’ve run out of toys, don’t worry about me, you can give my share to the other cats out there who need it most. 

Thank you Santa and please tell my brother Tiger not to play with me while i’m taking a nap, he’s really very playful.




Dear Santa,

I already have lots of stuffed toys that mum gave me but i wish for a new one on Christmas. My stuffed toys are either with holes or its stuffing out because of my chewing. 

Of course i have been a good girl. I am happier now because i have 2 kitty siblings, Star and Tiger. We love running around and playing with each other until we get tired. 


I love mum very much, my wish for her is i hope she wouldn’t get tired in caring for us and giving us hugs and kisses.


kristina and star