my 4-legged bodyguard

Marwind of Gershephund is actually the full real name of my German Shepherd dog. I got him from the breeder at 2 months old. On his certificate, he is registered as black and tan; sire Meghana’s Lifeline Jasper; dam Dora Von Der Nacht – daughter of PH Champ Ebby Z. Milabru. That means that Marwind is the grandson of a Philippine Champ. How cool is that.

The DARKNESS of his coat is very visible during his puppy days and as months passed, his coat slowly turns lighter and these days he is now sporting the black and tan coat.


Above first photo is when he’s 3 months old, the second photo he’s 7 months and the third photo was just taken recently and he’s now 1 and a half years old. He (together with my rescued local dog Rafraf) is the culprit behind my destroyed potted plants. But it’s okay because i love him to bits and i guess the plants are nothing compared to his job of protecting us and guarding our home.

Marwind’s face looks naughty as compared to my previous German Shepherd JOHNNY VON KELLY. Johnny looked like a real gentleman. Oh i surely miss him.

I was feeling lazy today maybe because of the gloomy weather. How i wish i could cuddle with Ashton as he lay beside my laptop as i was typing this.


I played with Ashton’s paw in between my blogging and i thought his black beanies are cute.


Hello weekend 🙂 TGIF.

30 degrees of summer heat

Summer is just around the corner. It usually begins in March but right now it already feels like summertime since the temperature is almost 30degrees and maybe that’s the reason why everyone else in the house is quiet.

30 degrees of summer heat

While i’m busy tinkering with my ipad, my son is busy watching a movie on his laptop with headphones on, my girl is upstairs on a desktop pc, another son is in the hut just outside the house where there’s a bit of cool winds blowing.

I love the quietness of my Sunday. Makes me feel relaxed, just chilling, and stressfree.  Even the doggies are taking a nap and its so peaceful.  Besides, staying still will actually reserve a bit of energy and cool down the body temp even just a bit.

johnny decided to sleep on the pebbles

sleepy kristina

It’s almost snack time. Going to make some chocolate chips pancakes for the kids.  So, how’s your Sunday like?