weekly photo challenge: unique

As  most of you know, i’m really fond of taking photos of ceilings and all its adornments. I found this rather unique looking light fixture in a Chinese restaurant which is so cute and resembles an oreo.

DSC_0886 - Copy

light fixture

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travel theme: glass

Sharing with you some photos of my ornamental dining table centerpiece made of glass. I bought these pieces about 10 years ago for just P20.00 each (about $0.50 each). It used to be on my dining table but when the kitties arrived, it now sits on top of the fridge which is way too tall for them to reach. I’m so glad i don’t have to search far to participate in this week’s travel theme.

glass ornaments

glass ornaments

glass ornaments

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sunday post: autumn

When we think of autumn, the first thing that comes to our mind is a scenery of trees whose leaves have turned yellow, orange, red, purple and brown. Living in a country with only 2 seasons which are the wet and the dry season, i could only make use of the colors of autumn as inspiration for the Sunday Post: Autumn.

During one of my shopping trips, i found these colorful gourds. I can’t help but admire their vibrant colors and texture. Some are smooth, warty, striped, ridged and multi-colored.

decorative gourds

decorative gourds

decorative gourds at P225.00 (about $5.29) per kilo

Gourds belong to the family of pumpkins, melons, and squashes but the term gourd is usually referred to the non-edible and hard-shelled types which are only used as ornaments or decorations. A crate of decorative gourds makes an elegant fall decoration and the possibilities are endless. They can be used as centerpiece, table weights, pumpkin place cards, pumpkin garland, candleholders, vases, wreath and planters. Some of the nicest ideas using gourds for fall decoration can be found here.

September is still a rainy month in my country and a storm is brewing up right now as i’ve seen on the news today so it would be a really wet weekend up ahead. Ah, i could only imagine and dream about the golden and red leaves under the magnificent blue skies of autumn from here.