white as snow

SMOOTH as satin, soft as cotton, white as snow… that’s me.


Hi everyone, i am Star.

  • i am an oddeyed traditional persian cat
  • 4 years old
  • loves to play
  • was hospitalized once when i was 2 years due to low-blood count (mom cried bucketloads for that because she was extremely worried)
  • just a little friendly with the other kitties but very attached to doggie Kristina because i grew up with her and we sleep together every night
  • i am mom’s first cat, well i used to be the only one in the house til she adopted Tiger, fostered Boots, rescued Ashton and Kuting and now we are 5 and i’m the only princess
  • i love staring at mom, i always enjoy watching her
  • other than mom’s bed, you could find me sleeping in the open type cabinet.. can you see me?


Sorry for messing with the clothes again mom…