mood ring

mood chart

Shopping find for today, this lovely ring called the MOOD RING i bought for my daughter.   It only costs P85.00 or just about $2.00.

I know it changes its color based on body temperature but due to my extreme inquisitiveness and just for fun, I placed it on different kind of surfaces to see if it’s going to change its color.  Oh yes, it did.  My reading is based on the mood chart enclosed in the package but i’ve found another detailed mood chart here.

mood ring on my son's finger, oh i see he's LOVABLE

mood ring on my palm, i think i'm LOVABLE too and a little bit ROMANTIC

mood ring on top of my ipad; my ipad is more on the ROMANTIC side, but based on other mood chart, turning violet also means TRULY HAPPY

mood ring on bamboo; there's some bit of ROMANTIC and LOVABLE here too

mood ring on the concrete wall; the color is more on the ACTIVE side; based on a detailed mood chart, orange is EXCITED, yellow is TENSED, yellow-green is RESTLESS, green is ALERT

mood ring on yellow bell plant; a bit of ROMANTIC on here; based on a detailed mood chart, violet is TRULY HAPPY, dark orange is EXCITED

mood ring on moss plant; this is RELAXED and ROMANTIC

mood ring on orchid plant leaf; my orchid is ROMANTIC; based on a detailed mood chart, HAPPY, LIVELY and PLEASANT

If you’re curious on how mood rings work, the answer could be found here.

I wonder what color it would display if i am going to wear it at this very moment. Perhaps it would turn red meaning FIERY, HARRASSED, STRESSED, because of the extreme summer heat.

So, how’s your mood for today?