here comes the rain

Rainy season is officially here. The SKY is a bit generous the past days for giving out showers which is such a welcome relief from the summer heat. I am not the only one pleased with its arrival but the PLANTS as well.

My citrus tree is now teeming with flowers. Its fresh crispy scent permeates the air as it gives that uplifting vibes.



As dried up flower petals fall to the ground, a tiny green citrus fruit reveals itself.


What to do on a rainy day? Be lazy and take a nap… lots of nap like Tiger. He is such an adorable laptop buddy.


my e-journal: a cluster of ___ (guess what?), flowers and cupcakes

Before anything else, starting today, i would be posting some of the things i do from day to day. Well, not doing it everyday but i wish i could especially if there’s really some interesting stuff to share with you. Anyway, i would label it as my e-journal and this is my first entry.

While walking around the garden this morning, i chanced upon this all clustered up at the doorstep. I think the pattern they made is pretty awesome.



The scent of the citrus tree flowers is so refreshing. Every twig has flower bulbs ready to open. Sooner, i would be harvesting lovely fruits from this tree.


citrus flowers

My jasmine is in full bloom too and emitting a sweet scent especially in the evening. Sometimes i pick some unopened ones and make leis out of them.



It rained last night and i love the raindrops on the zamia leaves.  They look like heaven-sent crystal beads that are cooling the plants during this hot summer days.


zamia plant

I could stay a while longer in my garden but i really need to do some errands. It’s enrollment time and off i go to my daughter’s school then had a very late lunch at the mall. Here’s what we had for dessert… cupcakes.



The cupcakes are from the newly-opened Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and they taste so heavenly good. Going back again to try other flavors.

Well, it’s been a busy day but it’s all worth it. By the way, can you guess what’s in the first photo forming a cluster? Not sure what it is? click here for the answer.