cat purrday friday post: happy birthday grandmum, not so-vintage photos and (fur)kid Noisy’s silhouette

Good day furry friends..



My grandmum celebrated her 80th birthday and mummy bought this delightful coffee crunch cake. It has delicious honeycomb crunch toppings and mum says it tastes so good.


coffee crunch birthday cake

Here’s a photo of grandmum when she’s just a little girl. She is really pretty, isn’t she?


my grandmum

And here’s a photo of my mum when she’s a little girl. Mum says this photo was taken during a visit to her grandmother in the province. I think it’s awesome that grandmum and mum looks so identical. (Oh Star, of course sweetie, she’s my mum – from Star’s mum).


mummy’s photo

Oh by the way, new fur(kid) in town Noisy waits for mum everyday without fail at the terrace. I could see that Noisy is really gaining weight. He used to be so skinny when i first saw him.


(fur)kid Noisy


(fur)kid Noisy

Well, it’s been fun sharing with you these happy moments. I hope to see all of you again on my next cat purrday post. 

Hugs and Purrs,
from kitty Star

sunday post: on-going

Today, millions around the world is celebrating the first day of Chinese New Year and will mark the start of the Year of the Snake. Also known as the Spring Festival, this is the most important holiday for most of Asia. This festive celebration will last for 15 days.


chinese lanterns


chinese lanterns


year of the snake


golden money tree


chinese lanterns


lucky coins

Happy Chinese New Year to all.

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a word a week photo challenge: celebration

Celebration of Love:

Hubby and i once celebrated our anniversary while visiting the Namsan Tower in Seoul South Korea. It was the most unique way of celebrating it. We wrote our pledge of love to one another on two Love Locks and locked it both together forever at the tower… it’s our celebration of love. The next time we visit Seoul, we will surely be back at the tower to look for it.

our love locks

What does celebration mean to you? What is your most memorable celebration?

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