good morning sunshine

As i am typing this, i could hear the roll of thunder. Is it going to rain? Weather is so unpredictable these days. The sun is shining and yet dark clouds loom nearby and sometimes will just be blown away by strong wind. But on some days, a heavy downpour ensues.

Today’s weather is gloomy but i see the sun peeking out from the clouds.


My MORNING routine is chaotic (but in a nice and funny way). The kitties are following me everywhere i go… in the bathroom, while i am making my coffee, as i go back and forth to the fridge, while i prepare my morning toast… okay now, kitties first before my breakfast meal or sometimes doing it simultaneously… ahh they are fun, they are so cute as they beg to be fed, meowing in chorus and so demanding. “Right away please. What’s taking you so long mom?”

While all the kitties are having a rumble Boots is the only one who just sits and waits patiently on the table. Such a well-behaved sweetheart worthy of a thousand PRAISES. “Good morning mom. I just sits here and waits and just be cute..”


Happy weekend everyone … from all of us.


everything heals

As i contemplate on what my life has become, i wondered if all the things that happened are a form of PUNISHMENT. Maybe i was bad in my previous life or just plain unlucky in love. My first marriage ended in failure. I became a single mom and i tried with all my might to provide my kids their needs. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night just crying because i just felt so tired… physically and mentally tired. It is no joke caring for three kids all your own. But i triumphed. Although my life was not that good i did a good job.

Years later, i remarried and i thought everything would be even better. Or so i thought. Because after fifteen years, it would end… it was a failure because of his cheating. I had to deal with a lot of challenges again and struggle with all the emotional trauma and regrets. Yes, there are a lot of regrets. All those years wasted because of his stupid mistake. I couldn’t bring back those precious time but i believe that everything heals.

Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don’t last. – LessonsLearnedInLife.

I know that it isn’t easy to achieve happiness but past relationships should not ruin future happiness. I know it is easily said than done but it would be really unfair to myself if i would not give it a try … one day at a time.

Don’t let past relationships ruin your future happiness. Scars remind us of where we’ve been not where we are going. – Unknown –

Oh well, inspite of all the drama, i am feeling grateful about a lot of things. I am grateful for flowers around us as they help in calming the mind and the body.


I am grateful for a little bit of cooking knowledge because i find it relaxing and at the same time fulfilling and all the food i have created and recipes invented are the CHERRY ON TOP.


I am grateful for my wonderful cats because they always make me smile. Here’s a video of my rescued cats Ashton and Kuting grooming each other. Please enjoy!

Flower, food and cats equals happiness.

happy #TTT taco tongue tuesday

Some photos to make you (and me) smile… happy TACO TONGUE TUESDAY!

TTT or Taco Tongue Tuesday is a popular hashtag on social media to celebrate tongues of cats and other fluffy and furry cute pets.







Updates on Queenie:

It was tiring and hectic and stressful the previous week. I was super busy hence i have no time to post and visit blogs. My mom’s cat Queenie was back at the vet last week due to some sores again in his mouth because of his auto-immune disease. He (yes, he’s a HE) was confined for 3 days because he needed IV fluids for hydration and shots of steroids and antibiotics. My mom is having a hard time in caring for him so Queenie is now staying with me. Other than his auto-immune disease, his liver test reading is also slightly elevated. Right now, he has 4 different kinds of medicines… prednisone (steroid), doxyvet (anti-infective), immunol (for immunity) and liverolin (appetizer, immune enhancer and to promote healthy liver). It really takes a lot of patience caring for a special needs cat. So far, he eats well and drinks a lot.


Queenie (older photo)

After all that Queenie has been through, i admire his strong will to live and survive. He is such a sweet boy and i will do my best to give him a good quality of life. He will be back at the vet after two weeks for a recheck.


international cat day

How could a crazy cat lady like me had missed the date… it’s World Cat Day last August 8. In some other countries it is celebrated every February 17, March 1 and October 29 but whatever it is, in my home it is everyday World Cat Day

cute, lovable, graceful, regal, clean, curious, smart, intelligent, elegant, beautiful, spoiled
Loves to walk over me and kiss my nose, replies whenever i call her name, follows me around.



cute, cuddly, snuggly, curious, adorable, sweet, funny, silly
Loves to cuddle and snuggle and my everyday nap buddy.



cute, fluffy, cuddly, mysterious, smart, sweet, handsome
Loves to cheek rubs, head bumps, and swish his furry tail on me, loves to roll over for some belly rubs.



Happy World Cat Day from my 3 kitties.


And.. speaking of cats, August 10 is World Lion Day. It’s a global celebration to raise awareness on the importance and conservation of the majestic king of the jungle.

cat purrday friday post: happy birthday grandmum, not so-vintage photos and (fur)kid Noisy’s silhouette

Good day furry friends..



My grandmum celebrated her 80th birthday and mummy bought this delightful coffee crunch cake. It has delicious honeycomb crunch toppings and mum says it tastes so good.


coffee crunch birthday cake

Here’s a photo of grandmum when she’s just a little girl. She is really pretty, isn’t she?


my grandmum

And here’s a photo of my mum when she’s a little girl. Mum says this photo was taken during a visit to her grandmother in the province. I think it’s awesome that grandmum and mum looks so identical. (Oh Star, of course sweetie, she’s my mum – from Star’s mum).


mummy’s photo

Oh by the way, new fur(kid) in town Noisy waits for mum everyday without fail at the terrace. I could see that Noisy is really gaining weight. He used to be so skinny when i first saw him.


(fur)kid Noisy


(fur)kid Noisy

Well, it’s been fun sharing with you these happy moments. I hope to see all of you again on my next cat purrday post. 

Hugs and Purrs,
from kitty Star

tagged W: whiskers on kittens are one of my favorite things

I don’t think my kitty Star knows how photogenic she really is… fluffy white fur, pink nose, bright blue and golden eyes, furry tail and long whiskers. Of course my other kitty Tiger is beautiful too and the sweetest cuddle buddy.

Whiskers remind me of a song by Maria (Julie Andrews) on the classic movie The Sound of Music with first lines that goes like this…

Raindrops on roses


raindrops on roses

Whiskers on kittens…


Star’s whiskers


Tiger’s whiskers

And the last 2 lines of the song…

I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

How about you, what are your favorite things? Just try thinking about them and i bet it would put a smile on your face too. How easy is that!

Hope you’ll visit Star on Instagram.

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cat purrday friday post: the top kitty bed is mine!

“Hello furry friends! Sorry for having posted late. You see, mum is quite busy and even if i tell her to make a post she says i should wait. Today, i will show you some photos of me and my sibling Tiger. Tiger wants to sleep on my kitty bed in the cat condo but i told him the top bed is mine. But still, he’s very persistent, he wants to sleep here and i told him NO.. but still he wants to so i kitty jabbed him quite a few times actually. Oh no, it’s just some act, i don’t want to hurt him of course. Well, now he knows that i’m the boss around here… haha. But even if Tiger is that annoying, i love him to bits.”



Oh tiger, this bed is mine!


Tiger, you are really so annoying.


Mum, Tiger wants to get in bed!!


Tiger, the lower kitty bed is yours.. now, this is mine.


Peace and quiet at last.


This is my kitty bed and i will take a nap now.

sleeping beauty

Cat Purrday Friday Post

“Hello everyone, Star here.. I know it’s rather late. Mum arrived so late last night and she wasn’t able to do some blogging so this Friday post was just done today and it’s Saturday. So sorry about that. Anyway, i’ll be telling you about my favorite sleeping nooks. Yes, i have photos while sleeping. 

One of my favorite spots to sleep, near the phone and sometimes i’m doing it with my head on top of it. Haha, mum couldn’t use the phone when i’m on it.

IMG_5221 - Copy


Here i am at the cat condo. I love to sleep here, it’s so smooth and i love the color so fitting for a princess like me. 🙂 



This one is at the very corner under the stairs. I love it here, no one could bug me. Sometimes even Tiger couldn’t find me here.



Here’s at the cat condo too but at the very top. 



Well, sometimes i sleep on mum’s bed.



Mum always finds me sleeping like this near the door and she said my pose is kinda awkward but really, it’s not. 



Hope you’ll visit me again on Friday. Happy weekend mum’s friends and furry friends. 🙂 “

a kitty named bluetooth ^-^

Cat Purrday Friday Post

“Hello friends and furry friends, Kitty Star here.”



“Let me introduce Bluetooth, a darling addition to my grandmother’s kitty empire. Bluetooth has been abandoned in front of the gate of my grandmother. Soft meows were heard at the side of the road and when grandmother checked, it’s an all white kitty, i mean dirty-white kitty, very small, thin but with a pair of gorgeous bright sky-blue eyes.

Here she is now, looking whiter, gaining weight and absolutely the center of attraction because everyone always notice how beautiful her eyes are. She’s very sweet, loves to play just like me, ehem! I am white too, i am sweet too and i am playful too.. Mum says i am gorgeous too with my one blue eye.. um only one because my other eye is golden yellow. Well furry friends, presenting to you my new furry friend Bluetooth.”


“Come visit me again on Cat Purrday Friday. Kitty hugs to all :)”

“p.s. Have you seen me pole dancing? Here’s mum’s post Do You Want To See Star Pole Dancing  to see my photos. Thank you.”

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