cat purrday friday post: popular hashtags on social media

Hello sweeties! It’s Friday once again and it’s time for my cat purrday Friday post. I bet most of you are into Instagram or Twitter like me so you are all familiar with this thing called Hashtag. A hashtag on social media sites is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. The following are examples of popular hashtags. Others are for humans but well, since this is a cat post i will definitely use the hashtag for kitties cause seems applicable to us too, right? Actually, you could make everyday a cat day post by using these hashtags. Here goes:

#MeowMonday – share your funniest and the cutest photo of yourself.

Star #MeowMonday

Star #MeowMonday

#TacoTongueTuesday (#TTT) or #TransformationTuesday – share photo with that itty-bitty-tongue sticking out or show photo about your transformation.


Tiger #TacoTongueTuesday


Tiger’s first day at home and Tiger today. He’s almost occupying the whole kitty bed at the cat condo. He used to be a teeny-weeny shrimp. #TransformationTuesday

#WhiskerWednesday – share photo  to show your whiskers.

Boots' whiskers #WhiskerWednesday

Boots’ whiskers #WhiskerWednesday

#ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) – show photo of yourself when you were just a kitty.

DSCF2941 - Copy

Star at 2 months. #ThrowbackThursday

#GoodNewsFriday – show photo about all things good that are happening with you right now. For example, have you been a good and nice kitty lately?


Star… i did not jump on mum’s keypad today, is it okay to loaf on your laptop mum while you’re not using it?’ #GoodNewsFriday

Star has this habit of jumping on my keypad while i’m typing on my laptop making a mess of the screen and sometimes finding it hard to return the laptop screen to normal mode. – mum

#Caturday – this is similar to #MeowMonday but usually texts are written on photo thus creating a cat meme.

Star on top of the stereo. Where are the other stuffed toys Star? #Caturday

Star on top of the stereo. Where are the other stuffed toys Star? #Caturday

One of Star’s favorite hangout is on top of the stereo. That’s where i put my favorite stuffed toys but almost always i see them on the floor. Did you notice my new header? That’s how it is supposed to look like. – mum

#SelfieSunday – this is easy, just share a photo of your catself doing the most gorgeous pose wearing the most adorable smile.

Star and Boots #SelfieSunday

Star and Boots #SelfieSunday

Happy Friday everyone!

Sweet kitty kisses,

cat purrday friday post: hello furry friends! i’m back…

Hi everyone! It’s really good to be home and there’s no place like it. Well, i don’t like it in the pet hospital. I was so sad when i was there because i missed mummy. And it’s lonely out there because i saw some furry friends who are sick too just like me. But some are really very ill. Sometimes it’s hard for me to sleep too because i always hear the doggie who is a labrador just below my cage who is crying in pain. Oh how i wish i could help her.Then there’s a cat at the other side who has dextrose attached on her leg and it must be painful and even if i said hi, she wouldn’t even glance at me. She is terribly sick. But more than anything else, i missed my mum and i’m sure she missed me too. I don’t want to be at the pet hospital again, ever! 

(Note: on the day when Star was discharged from the pet hospital, i looked for the labrador as her cage below Star was empty. Sadly, she passed and gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Sshhh.. i never told Star about it.)



I so love mummy. She sees to it that i could take my medicines on time. She even had to set her alarms so she could be reminded. All in all, i have 3 medicines which are to be taken at different time intervals so she has 3 alarms for the day. Well, i hate the medicines especially the pill (yuck!) but if those could make me really well then i don’t have any choice, do i? Hmm.. i think i’m really getting well. I eat a lot now, i’m more active and sometimes grumpy if my lil brother Tiger bugs me. I would say i’m back to being myself.

I will be back at the pet hospital on June 15, 2013. Did i just say i don’t want to ever go back there? Sigh! Mummy said that i have to. They will count my blood again. I wonder how they do the counting, it is liquid isn’t it? Oh well, again i must do it. I really want to be well and good and i want this anemia to get out of me forever. Mum said anemia is having a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Oh this medical terms are giving me a headache. Anyway, thank you all for the well-wishes. Mummy is very happy that i have so many many friends who sent their love, thoughts and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and kitty kisses…

Please be with me again on my next Cat Purrday Post.

kitty STAR

cat purrday friday post: Star’s instagram (that’s me) on mum’s sidebar

Hello everyone! Mum made some changes on her blog’s layout. She posted my Instagram on her sidebar.. yeheyyy! Just in case you want to see so many more photos of me, just click that photo icon and it will redirect you to my Instagram posts. 

Do you want to see last night’s posts on my Instagram? Well, mum had a fun time taking photos of me.. well parts of me. 


my furry paws


my long whiskers


my furry tail


sorry about my dirty feet mum..


my pink nose

And good thing there’s also a photo of the whole me..



Please visit me again on Friday on my next cat purrday post. Have a great weekend! 


cat purrday friday post: Star is on Instagram

Hello furry friends.. Star here and welcome to my Cat Purrday Friday Post. I would love to share with you some of my recent posts on Instagram. Here they are. Enjoy!

This photo was taken last night and i’m already sleeping and mum is still taking photos of me. 



My kitty paw 🙂



Little princess (that’s me) sound asleep.



Here’s another photo of me sleeping. .



One of my favorite poses when i take a nap.



My big blue and golden eyes..



Ssshhh! Don’t tell mum i’m up here! Mum would get really angry because this place is so high.. look i’m almost at the ceiling.



Do you want to see more photos of me? You may visit or if you wish you may also follow my Instagram starlight427.

Happy Friday everyone and kitty hugs to all.


cat purrday friday post: the top kitty bed is mine!

“Hello furry friends! Sorry for having posted late. You see, mum is quite busy and even if i tell her to make a post she says i should wait. Today, i will show you some photos of me and my sibling Tiger. Tiger wants to sleep on my kitty bed in the cat condo but i told him the top bed is mine. But still, he’s very persistent, he wants to sleep here and i told him NO.. but still he wants to so i kitty jabbed him quite a few times actually. Oh no, it’s just some act, i don’t want to hurt him of course. Well, now he knows that i’m the boss around here… haha. But even if Tiger is that annoying, i love him to bits.”



Oh tiger, this bed is mine!


Tiger, you are really so annoying.


Mum, Tiger wants to get in bed!!


Tiger, the lower kitty bed is yours.. now, this is mine.


Peace and quiet at last.


This is my kitty bed and i will take a nap now.

breakaway kitty collars

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hi furry friends, kitty Star here. Welcome to my purrday Friday post. 



Have you heard of the breakaway kitty collar? Mum says it’s the safest collar for me and my sibling Tiger. It’s the one that could snap easily if caught on anything because we kitties are so adventurous, we love to climb and we love to go to high places.

Here’s a photo of my collar.

kitty Star’s breakaway collar

And here’s Tiger’s collar.

Tiger’s breakaway collar

Here’s a photo of Tiger with his breakaway collar.



These types of collars like the photo below, when hooked on a tree branch or snagged on a fence or a window latch could easily strangle and put your 9 lives in danger. Bad thing to wear.

PicMonkey Collage1

unsafe kitty collars

Meet Queenie.



He (that’s right, Queenie is a He) is one of the many cats of my grand-mum. When my grand-mum named him, she thought Queenie is a female. I guess my mum’s love of cats she got from my grand-mum. One day, Queenie’s collar got caught in the fence and he was dangling for quite sometime before a passing neighbor saw him and immediately informed my grand-mum about it. So, my mum’s niece hurriedly went outside with a scissor and cut the collar away. Queenie almost died since my mum’s niece told me that his tongue is out and not breathing. Grand-mum took him inside the house and gave him a little shake and yey, he’s okay. But he was really panting and grasping for breath.

Wear breakaway kitty collars. They are safer especially if you are an indoor/outdoor cat. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend kitty friends.

kitty Star”

kitty Star’s photo then and now

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hello furry friends, Star here. This is my photo when i was just a baby.. i mean a little kitty.


Star @ 2months

And here’s how i look now .. i will be turning 1 year and 3 months soon.


Star @ 1 year and 3 months

Visit me again on my next Cat Purrday Friday Post.

kitty Star”

a peeping cat and some donuts

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

Good morning everyone. So sorry about the late posting as this post should have been posted on a Friday. I was quite busy over the weekend.

While eating some donuts this morning, look who’s peeping…



My breakfast for today are baby donuts from J. Co. I think that it’s the most popular donuts in town. Star seems to be pretty interested in my donuts. Oh i see, she only wants the box. Anyway, a box of baby donuts costs P250.00 (about $6.25) and it contains 24 pieces assorted flavor. I easily finished eating 3 and they are so good.


Who wants some donuts?