cat purrday friday post: new (fur)kid on the block

Hello everyone! It’s nice to be back… I’m so glad that the renovation in the house is already finished and that mum could find time to blog again.



These are some recent photos of my brother Tiger. 



Tiger looks so funny when sleeping. Did you notice his tongue sticking out? Haha.



Me, i have a new hangout… the stairs… I love it here. It’s like i’m at a viewing deck.



Recently, mum has been feeding this boy, a new (fur)kid on the block… Mum named him NOISY because as his name implied, he really is very noisy. He meows loudly especially if mum is calling him. You could always find him lounging in one of the seats at the terrace and he is an everyday visitor. Mum says he pities Noisy because he has some bite wounds on his back near his tail. Maybe it was from one of the street dogs. Maybe it would still take some time before mum could gain his trust as he still hisses a lot. It’s good that once he sees mum with food he becomes a bit relaxed. I hope Noisy and mum could be friends soon. Mum says she likes Noisy because his features are so unique… he is a white cat but he has black eyeliners, black top, black nose, black nails, black tail and black lipstick. 



Well, i know it’s already Monday and that this should have been posted last Friday. Sorry about that. Mum says she’s still adjusting.

That’s all for now.

Kitty hugs and purrs,

cat purrday friday post: hello furry friends! i’m back…

Hi everyone! It’s really good to be home and there’s no place like it. Well, i don’t like it in the pet hospital. I was so sad when i was there because i missed mummy. And it’s lonely out there because i saw some furry friends who are sick too just like me. But some are really very ill. Sometimes it’s hard for me to sleep too because i always hear the doggie who is a labrador just below my cage who is crying in pain. Oh how i wish i could help her.Then there’s a cat at the other side who has dextrose attached on her leg and it must be painful and even if i said hi, she wouldn’t even glance at me. She is terribly sick. But more than anything else, i missed my mum and i’m sure she missed me too. I don’t want to be at the pet hospital again, ever! 

(Note: on the day when Star was discharged from the pet hospital, i looked for the labrador as her cage below Star was empty. Sadly, she passed and gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Sshhh.. i never told Star about it.)



I so love mummy. She sees to it that i could take my medicines on time. She even had to set her alarms so she could be reminded. All in all, i have 3 medicines which are to be taken at different time intervals so she has 3 alarms for the day. Well, i hate the medicines especially the pill (yuck!) but if those could make me really well then i don’t have any choice, do i? Hmm.. i think i’m really getting well. I eat a lot now, i’m more active and sometimes grumpy if my lil brother Tiger bugs me. I would say i’m back to being myself.

I will be back at the pet hospital on June 15, 2013. Did i just say i don’t want to ever go back there? Sigh! Mummy said that i have to. They will count my blood again. I wonder how they do the counting, it is liquid isn’t it? Oh well, again i must do it. I really want to be well and good and i want this anemia to get out of me forever. Mum said anemia is having a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Oh this medical terms are giving me a headache. Anyway, thank you all for the well-wishes. Mummy is very happy that i have so many many friends who sent their love, thoughts and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and kitty kisses…

Please be with me again on my next Cat Purrday Post.

kitty STAR

cat purrday friday post: sleeping time

Hello furry friends.. Star here. I want to share with you some photos of me on my mum’s bed. I usually sleep here but sometimes i prefer sleeping on top of the stereo components together with mum’s other furries as you would see in this photo.

I just love it here on mum’s bed… so soft, so smooth and so sweet-smelling. I could sleep here the whole day.



I could even stretch out on here like this … ahh, it feels good!



Well, this photo is a bit blurred, sorry about that. You see, i was trying to play with my mum’s stylus dangling from her cellphone as she was taking this photo..



Here’s me so sound asleep now. Did you notice my pink nose?



Goodnight dear friends. Please visit me again on Friday.. kitty hugs to all.


cat purrday friday post: the top kitty bed is mine!

“Hello furry friends! Sorry for having posted late. You see, mum is quite busy and even if i tell her to make a post she says i should wait. Today, i will show you some photos of me and my sibling Tiger. Tiger wants to sleep on my kitty bed in the cat condo but i told him the top bed is mine. But still, he’s very persistent, he wants to sleep here and i told him NO.. but still he wants to so i kitty jabbed him quite a few times actually. Oh no, it’s just some act, i don’t want to hurt him of course. Well, now he knows that i’m the boss around here… haha. But even if Tiger is that annoying, i love him to bits.”



Oh tiger, this bed is mine!


Tiger, you are really so annoying.


Mum, Tiger wants to get in bed!!


Tiger, the lower kitty bed is yours.. now, this is mine.


Peace and quiet at last.


This is my kitty bed and i will take a nap now.

breakaway kitty collars

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hi furry friends, kitty Star here. Welcome to my purrday Friday post. 



Have you heard of the breakaway kitty collar? Mum says it’s the safest collar for me and my sibling Tiger. It’s the one that could snap easily if caught on anything because we kitties are so adventurous, we love to climb and we love to go to high places.

Here’s a photo of my collar.

kitty Star’s breakaway collar

And here’s Tiger’s collar.

Tiger’s breakaway collar

Here’s a photo of Tiger with his breakaway collar.



These types of collars like the photo below, when hooked on a tree branch or snagged on a fence or a window latch could easily strangle and put your 9 lives in danger. Bad thing to wear.

PicMonkey Collage1

unsafe kitty collars

Meet Queenie.



He (that’s right, Queenie is a He) is one of the many cats of my grand-mum. When my grand-mum named him, she thought Queenie is a female. I guess my mum’s love of cats she got from my grand-mum. One day, Queenie’s collar got caught in the fence and he was dangling for quite sometime before a passing neighbor saw him and immediately informed my grand-mum about it. So, my mum’s niece hurriedly went outside with a scissor and cut the collar away. Queenie almost died since my mum’s niece told me that his tongue is out and not breathing. Grand-mum took him inside the house and gave him a little shake and yey, he’s okay. But he was really panting and grasping for breath.

Wear breakaway kitty collars. They are safer especially if you are an indoor/outdoor cat. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend kitty friends.

kitty Star”

i’m feeling grumpy today!

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“Hello my furry friends!

Last Monday, mum and i went to the Animal Clinic for grooming and at the same time for a little consultation with the vet. You see, there’s some irritations on my ears and mum said the vet should look into it. I knew it, ahh i need some meds and ear drops. 

Well, the ear cleaning is good, i think i like it but the meds… yuck!

Mum said, i need to take the meds for just another 2 days more. That’s good.. i don’t really like it’s taste and i hate it. But mum said it’s good for me and she says my ears are looking good now. Hmm, well i think so too. But i really don’t like the medicine!!!

Mum is so good and sees to it that i forget that stress. She gives me yummy treats right away. But i still don’t like the medicine!!!

Here is my photo just right after my ordeal. I’m looking and feeling so grumpy but mum says i look so funny. Oh mum!!!


grumpy kitty Star

Well, two more days to go.. but i really don’t like the medicine!!!

Oh i think i need a little nap. See yah all again on Friday. I promise, by that time i’m not grumpy anymore.

kitty Star

kitty Star’s favorite hang-outs

Cat Purrday Friday Post:

“It’s Fridayyyy! Time for Cat Purrday Friday Post. Today, i would tell you all about my favorite hang-outs.

In this photo, i’m on top of the world!!! The top of the door is absolutely where you would always find me. I love it here cause i could see more of the outside world. Mum’s garden is always visited by birdies and i love watching them. 


on top of the kitchen door

Some of you might think it’s rather awkward, but really, i feel comfortable.


on top of the kitchen door

Sometimes you will see me sleeping on top of the bar/cabinet. No one could disturb me here not even Tiger. See, i could almost touch the ceiling.


on top of the bar/cabinet

I also sleep in mummy’s fruit basket. Oh i could still feel an orange under me, no wonder i feel uneasy at first, haha!


in the fruit basket

I love mum’s wooden cabinet. I love the coolness of the wood on my belly so i often sit here.


on top of the table

I sleep with mum so her bed is really my favorite. Sometimes i sleep near her feet but lately i’ve been sleeping on her pillow and mum never gets tired of giving me chin rubs every night. 


on mummy’s bed

Mum is doing all her blogging here at the dining table and i love to watch her a lot. 


on top of the table

And of course you’ll find me here too at the cat condo. Tiger and I are sharing this so i sleep on one kittybed and he sleeps at the other. 


at the cat condo

Well, visit me here again on Friday for another fun post. Kitty hugs to all!

kitty STAR”

my orange tabby

“Hello furry friends and mum’s blogger friends.

Today is Cat Purrday Friday. I’m busy up here watching the birdies while mum is busy taking photos of Tiger. 

While my favorite roost is on top of the door like where i am right now, Tiger’s favorite hang out is the cat condo.



Now, Tiger is trying to be cute ..



Well actually, Tiger is a bit sleepy now, he’s just watching mum take his photos.



Did you notice Tiger’s ears? One of them is tipped. It is a marking that Tiger is already neutered since i adopted him from CARA. If the marking is on the left ear like Tiger’s, it means the kitty is male and if the tipping is on the right ear, it is a female.



Oh the chirping of the birds outside catches Tiger’s attention.



Haha, Tiger seems to be telling mum to finish the photo shoot cause he’s really sleepy now.



See… Tiger is sleeping soundly now and he purrs so loud. He has a big fat belly because he really eats a lot and he loves belly rubs. Me, i don’t like mine to be rubbed but i super love it when mum scratches my chin, it is so relaxing and that’s the only time mum hears me purr.



Well, i’ll see you all again on my next Cat Purrday Friday post. Have a lovely weekend and kitty hugs to all my kitty friends.”


a kitty in a box

Cat Purrday Friday Post:



Whenever i do my grocery shopping, i always ask the bagger to pack my groceries in a box instead of the usual shopping bags. As soon as i get home, my kitties couldn’t wait to inspect the box and hop in. Sometimes i find my kitty Star sleeping in it and right now my kitty Tiger is sleeping in one of them.

cee’s fun foto challenge: white and red

Here’s my entry for this week’s fun foto challenge as well as my Cat Purrday Friday Post.

My interpretation of white and red – my kitty Star on a bed of roses.


Share your photos of the Colors of Red, White or Red and White together. Want to know more about the fun foto challenge? Just visit Cee’s blog and join the fun.