tagged W: whiskers on kittens are one of my favorite things

I don’t think my kitty Star knows how photogenic she really is… fluffy white fur, pink nose, bright blue and golden eyes, furry tail and long whiskers. Of course my other kitty Tiger is beautiful too and the sweetest cuddle buddy.

Whiskers remind me of a song by Maria (Julie Andrews) on the classic movie The Sound of Music with first lines that goes like this…

Raindrops on roses


raindrops on roses

Whiskers on kittens…


Star’s whiskers


Tiger’s whiskers

And the last 2 lines of the song…

I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

How about you, what are your favorite things? Just try thinking about them and i bet it would put a smile on your face too. How easy is that!

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weekly photo challenge: lost in the details

I took a lot of photos of a bunch of flowers strewn to the ground. It seems that no matter how i tried to photograph it, i couldn’t see the beauty in it. Then i zoomed my camera to capture the details. Done a little bit of editing and made it into Focal B and W. Now i’m satisfied and quite happy with the result.


lost in the details

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