black and white photo challenge: texture

The rose is originally colored blue. I edited it to make it in black and white. This rose is actually about 5 days old when the photo was taken. It is in its final journey and soon wilt. It find it exciting that even in black and white, the veins of the petals, the creases, and the onset of wilting which are all parts of its texture is very visible.

a rose on its final journey

Join in the weekly Black and White Photo Challenge with this week’s theme as TEXTURE. You can find out more about it here on Sonel’s Blog.

beehive snail shells

Beehive snails are also called bumble bee snails.  These are tiny snails about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size with black and white stripes that resembles the bumble bee.

beehive snail shell earrings

I bought these lovely earrings in Cebu City Philippines in one of the souvenir shops for only P50 or about $1.16 a pair.  Lovely fashion accessory for summer wear.