a word a week photo challenge: arch

Heart-shaped arches.. how cool!

Three arches in a row.

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

The sun is beginning to set, and i hurriedly took this last photo from the other side. Did you notice the popular signage at the left side of the photo? Yes it’s Starbucks with a drive-thru.

heart-shaped arches

heart-shaped arches

At the base of the arches are newly-planted passion plants that are already flowering. Sooner, these crawling plants will cover the arches. I could almost imagine being greeted by these colorful flowers hanging from the arches as i pass by this pathway and when that day comes i will surely take photos of them again.


passion flower

Lining up the pathway are lantana flowers. Aren’t they colorful and gorgeous?


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Have a happy Wednesday ūüôā

a word a week photo challenge: hat

She’s really beautiful, isn’t she? I took this photo of her during the Dogs Day Out at the Activity Center at the mall. I love her gorgeous pink dress accentuated with a very pretty hat.


doggie in costume

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a word a week photo challenge: zoom

Flowers are one of the most photographed things on earth. ¬†They could really brighten up anyone’s day. A single flower or an elaborate arrangement in our homes could really provide a happy feeling or mood.

white lilies



I wish i’ve identified the flowers correctly. If you want to join the challenge and share your photos with ZOOM as this week’s theme, just visit sue’s blog¬†to know more about it and to view other awesome interpretations as well.

a word a week photo challenge: garden

In the neatly landscaped garden of Greenbelt Ayala Center Makati stands the biggest Swatch watch. Its length is 24 feet and diameter is 3.5 feet. It was designed by Jaime Zobel de Ayala as a tribute to President Cory Aquino.

swatch watch

plaque of dedication

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a word a week photo challenge: islands

Photo of these two islands were taken during during our island hopping in Boracay. I am not really sure about the names of these islands. Correct me if i’m wrong,¬†but i’ve read somewhere that they are called the Big and the Small Laurel Islands which are great sites for diving.


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a word a week photo challenge: weather

We have been experiencing a rather cooler weather this month. The weather bureau had announced that this will go on till early February. The thermometer inside the house reads 25 degrees but it must be colder outside.

It’s almost always sunny here in my country and the cool weather from December to early February with peaks on January is something that we really enjoy and cherish because sooner it will be summer and temperatures may get as high as 39 degrees during the peak season.

droplets of rain

We still experience some occasional drizzle especially early in the morning during the cold weather. The above photo was taken in my garden. The droplets of rain on leaves make for an exciting photo subject.

Well, enjoying the windy, cool and refreshing weather for now.

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a word a week photo challenge: round

Ceilings Part 2:

I’ve always been taking photos of ceilings that interest me and luckily i’ve already collected some with round designs and decorations that would qualify for this week’s theme. (If you want to peek into my Ceilings Part 1, here’s the link.)

I hope you’ll enjoy my new collection.

bubble tea @westgate

bubble tea @westgate

cinema lobby @ southmall

cinema lobby @ southmall

starbucks @summitridge

starbucks @summitridge

food street @southmall

food street @southmall

food court @metromall

food court @metromall

conti's @nuvali

conti’s @nuvali

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a word a week photo challenge: clouds

What do you think resembles the cloud formation?

My daughter thinks the cloud formation looks like a puppy’s head and i think it does.

cloud formation

Here’s a shot from another angle with the cloud formation slowly fading away.

cloud formation

cloud formation

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a word a week photo challenge: glitter

The holiday season brought so much glitter into our lives. A glitter is a sparkling light, a showy splendor, a burst of colors that gives off that wonderful luster like the ornaments, the fireworks, and the fairy lights.

holiday decorations

holiday decorations

As the holiday season ends, all the glitters fade away, the luster is gone but for me, there are glitters that do not fade. They are the glitters that provide happiness, may it be a thing, a pet that we cherish, or a person that we love. That is my own definition of GLITTER.

Who or what are the glitters in your life?

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a word a week photo challenge: light

During sunset, only a soft light is visible on the Fernbrook Gardens, but it was an amazing scene and i love the colors of sunset.

during sunset

After waiting for some moments, the sun finally sets and it was dark. Looking like a glass castle full of lights, the view magically transformed and i could almost feel its radiance from afar.

at night time

Here’s how the Fernbrook Gardens look like up close.

fernbrook gardens

… and here’s what’s going to greet you as soon as you enter the lobby, the golden fountain lined with mermaids and yes, it really glows as it is illuminated by lights from every corner.

fountain at the lobby of fernbrook gardens

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