tagged H: hot

Bird’s eye chilli ranked in the top 5 hottest chilies in the world but i am slowly losing my “hot” plants to the birds who frequently visit my garden. Not only they eat the leaves but the fruits as well.

bird’s eye chili

At one time, this chilli was even listed as the hottest chili in the Guinness Book of World Records during the times when other hotter varieties of chilies have not been since identified.

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tagged B: bread sculpture

Found this bread sculpture on display in one of the popular bread houses and i thought the turtle looks cute.

bread sculpture

bread sculpture

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tagged A: arcs

Stepping out of the car, it suddenly drizzled on a clear day and found an ARC on the sky.  Well, a little later it becomes two and it became a double ARC. Two magnificent rainbows became the attraction and i’ve noticed a lot of people at the open parking lot are taking photos. It was an irresistible sight and even if it was a bit raining, i can’t resist on taking photos too.

What a wonderful way to start the year! These arcs are so beautiful.




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Wishing everyone is having a happy first day of the year.