photo/s of the day: spider lily

This exotic looking white flowers have extremely long and hanging petals. They have long flowering period. The flowers open in the evening and emitting their perfumes overnight. The scent is delightfully fragrant.

spider lily


spider lily

photo of the day: buds

I love to play around with different effects on photos using photo editor. It was fun seeing the transformation of a photo to something with some bit of a character. Some accidental bokeh on the background added some nice and unique textures too.

In this photo, I made use of ย focal b&w effect.

IMG_6814 - Copy

flower buds

And here’s the original photo.

IMG_6814 - Copy (2)

flower buds

And speaking of photos, i just want to thank all of you my blogger friends who liked my entry “A Line that Divides” to Rodposses’s 5th RPC. I’m very grateful to all of you.


Have a happy Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

photo of the day: hanging on

Please bear with me as i always feature photos i took right in my own backyard. I have been practicing taking photos as well as experimenting with different kinds of simple editing. The ones i think that are good enough (again, in my humble opinion) are those that i feature in my blog.

I’ve taken this photo yesterday which is a wilted flower still clinging itself tightly. As i walked in my little garden this morning to take some more photos, i noticed that it’s still hanging on. It’s interesting to see the detailed texture of the wilted petals.

hanging on

It’s a lovely morning after the rain. Yesterday’s lowest temperature reached 19 degrees and it was really cold.

Wishing everyone a happy morning ๐Ÿ™‚

photo of the day: a silhouette

Birds love visiting my garden. Yesterday, i managed to capture 3 birds in a row and they are roosting on my telephone cable. The birds made a nice silhouette against the clear blue sky.

3 birds

photo/s of the day: mango crepes

Luscious and succulent mango slices, creamy soft ice cream, fresh whipped cream, sweet mango sauce, soft thin crepes, a cherry on top and voila! the ultimate comfort food fit for a queen.

mango crepes @ UCC

mango crepes @ UCC

Well, that’s the quick fix which is heading to UCC to satisfy my sweet cravings but when i’m really in the mood for cooking, i make my own.

my own version of mango crepe

Wishing everyone a sweet day ๐Ÿ™‚

photo/s of the day: pink wildflowers

For a newbie like me, i think flowers are the most easy to photograph. So, while visiting my mother’s garden, i took a few shots of these pink flowers. My mother got this plant from one of her walks. She was so attracted to the lively pink color of the bell-like flowers so she got some stems and planted them in her garden hoping it will grow and bloom. Well, they did and here they are now.

pink flower

pink flowers

pink flowers

pink flowers

Wishing everyone a happy Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

photo/s of the day: orange gerbera flowers

May i add some cheerfulness into your day?

Gerbera flowersย are one of the happiest looking flowers because of its bright colors and hues. I’ve chosen the orange colored ones as these represent sunshine and happiness. A trying hard photographer that i am, I just took shots of it at different angles and i wish you’ll pick out your favorite.


orange gerbera

orange gerbera


orange gerbera flowers

orange gerbera

orange gerbera

orange gerbera

orange gerbera

I hope i made you smile today ๐Ÿ™‚

photo of the day: crown of thorns flowers

The bright red velvet crown of thorns flowers are still a bit wet due to a slight drizzle this morning.

crown of thorns flowers

I hope i made your morning bright ๐Ÿ™‚