international cat day

How could a crazy cat lady like me had missed the date… it’s World Cat Day last August 8. In some other countries it is celebrated every February 17, March 1 and October 29 but whatever it is, in my home it is everyday World Cat Day

cute, lovable, graceful, regal, clean, curious, smart, intelligent, elegant, beautiful, spoiled
Loves to walk over me and kiss my nose, replies whenever i call her name, follows me around.



cute, cuddly, snuggly, curious, adorable, sweet, funny, silly
Loves to cuddle and snuggle and my everyday nap buddy.



cute, fluffy, cuddly, mysterious, smart, sweet, handsome
Loves to cheek rubs, head bumps, and swish his furry tail on me, loves to roll over for some belly rubs.



Happy World Cat Day from my 3 kitties.


And.. speaking of cats, August 10 is World Lion Day. It’s a global celebration to raise awareness on the importance and conservation of the majestic king of the jungle.

sunday post: people

The sound of a helicopter flying above us was deafening.  But it was a sound that everybody has been anxiously waiting for. Everyone was in a festive mood, lovers in tight embraces, kissing and holding hands while witnessing the event. It was Valentine’s Day!

With the camera in my hand, i looked up and it’s happening now, a shower of rose petals… it was magical, exciting and fun. All of us cheered so loudly. The wind blew the rose petals scattering them around the plaza and everyone scampered to collect them as they fall to the ground.

rose petals

rose petals

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Happy posting!

who wants a “whip”?

According to the urban dictionary, the old term “whip” is used to describe any Mercedes Benz vehicle although nowadays, the term is used to represent any car not necessarily a nice expensive car.

When i went strolling at the mall, i was awed by the display of not-so-old Mercedes Benz-es. I was so thrilled seeing them in pristine, smooth and sleek condition.

1981 Mercedes Benz 300TD USDM

1981 Mercedes Benz 230TE

1987 Mercedes Benz 260 TE

1993 Mercedes Benz 230CE

2001 Mercedes Benz E430 W210

The 3-pointed star logo of Mercedes Benz represents its domination of the land, the sea, and the air. Click here if you want to know more about the evolution of its logo.

Now, who wants a “WHIP”?

tears for fears in Manila

I watched the concert of Tears for Fears last Friday, 10th of August 2012 and it was a dream come true . I’ve always been a fan of their music and seeing them live performing their hit songs like Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Pale Shelter, and Head Over Heels brought me so much joy and excitement. Their song Shout was the #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks and it was also the song which gained them international fame. Discography of the group could be found here.

I fell in love with the group even more when it was announced that Tears for Fears will be donating all proceeds from merchandise sales at their August 10 & 11 Smart Araneta Coliseum shows to aid Manila Flood Relief. Here’s the band’s 2012 Summer Tour as printed at the back of the t-shirt which i proudly owned.

Tears for Fears 2012 Summer  Tour

TFF Manila Concert Aug 10, 2012

Shout, shout, let it all out
These are the things I can do without
Come on – I’m talking to you
Come on

money talks

At last, i finally completed collecting my own new set of Philippine peso bills. Although the new design was issued and released last 2010, there isn’t many of them in circulation. The most common bills you will find in circulation are the 20’s, 50’s, 100’s and the 200’s and its already 2012. My new 500 came from my change at the department store, and my 1000 bill, is the only new 1000 among the 5 pieces of 1000 bills that i withdrew at the ATM machine. Anyway, i’ve read that these new Philippine money were printed using the new BioGuard technology by Arjowiggins which prevents bacteria from multiplying. Now, that’s cool.

new 2010 philippine peso

old philippine peso

2000 philippine peso (photo from

Only 300,000 pieces of the 2000 Philippine peso measuring 216mmx133mm was issued by the Central Bank in 1998. Nowadays, its going to cost you around 3000-3500 pesos to purchase the 2000 peso bill.

100,000 philippine peso  (photo from

I found out that this 100,000 note can be purchased by as much as 230,000 to 280,000 pesos at the buy and sell website these days. Wow, that’s way more than the face value of the note.

The 100,000-peso centennial note, measuring 8.5″x14″, is accredited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest legal tender note in terms of size. 1,000 pieces were issued during the celebration of the centennial of Philippine independence in 1998 – from wiki

oldies but goodies

Classic cars restored in all its glory.

1964 mercedez benz 300

1969 toyota corolla sprinter

1974 toyota corolla sprinter

1974 volks wagen

1976 datsun 180B

1978 toyota celica coupe 1600

1978 toyota starlet

1986 lancer box type

toyota corolla 1100

This post is dedicated to all the fathers out there.

Daddy, you are an oldie but definitely a goodie.  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


There’s an event going on at the mall today and it’s all about GLAMPING. The kids are treated to nature discovery and wildlife appreciation thru various activities like animals and the arts, book reading and video showing, and jungle survival training. Actually, what attracted me to that event are the huge safari animals on display that i didn’t even bother to take photos of tents with comfortable and luxurious amenities.

Anyway, seeing these large stuffed toys made me feel so excited like a kid. If only i could ride on them.


“GLAMPING (glamorous camping) is a growing global phenomenon that combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or hotel.  Also called boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping or comfy camping.  Glamping allows travellers to experience nature without the hassle of finding camp space, carrying their tents, and erecting and taking down their own tents.

Glamping is fast becoming a trend in the Philippines.  Currently, there is glamping already in Sumilon Island, Cebu; Pamilacan Island, Bohol; El Nido, Palawan.  The Department of Tourism is also eyeing Cordillera and Mt. Apo as emerging glamping sites.”

safari animals

safari animals


a herd of elephants

gorilla with a funny looking face

safari animals

guess the total number of candies & chocolates in the giant easter egg

Easter eggs are not just for kids so I joined this mall contest just for fun.

guess the total number of candies & chocolates inside the giant easter egg

giant easter egg

giant easter egg

giant easter egg

giant easter egg

easter eggs and easter bunny

My three guesses are:  12.555; 10,509; and 10,217.

How about you? what’s your guess?

happy chinese new year

The malls are so alive and colored red in preparation for the celebration of Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or The Spring Festival which would be on January 23, 2012.  Click here to read more about the Chinese New Year 2012 – the Year of Black Water Dragon.

The following are some of the photos i took this afternoon at the mall.

red lanterns

Giant red lanterns are hanging from the ceiling giving the mall that festive look.

cherry blossom tree decorated with ampaos or red paper envelopes

This lovely cherry blossom tree is decorated with flowers and lots of ampaos or red paper envelopes.

red lanterns

A lot of people are so excited taking photographs beside the red lanterns.

red lantern


There are also paper dragons adorning the ceiling.

red lanterns

year of the rat

What’s in store for me for the new year?  Here it is, i was born in the Year of the Rat.

The Chinese horoscope predicts that people born in the year of the Rat will demonstrate a high level of energy and endurance.

Sending and sharing high energy to all.  HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

lovely decoration

While taking my breakfast at the Manila Peninsula Hotel, i chanced upon this decoration and i took photos of it.  The arrangement only made use of succulents and some local and native materials and yet it turned out to be such an eye catcher.

lovely arrangement

lovely arrangement

lovely arrangement


I love the use of twigs and that gave me a perfect idea for my Christmas decorations.   By just adding some glitters and ribbons, its going to be perfect for the yuletide.