marwind loves to eat sawdust

Before anyone freaks out and associate sawdust as the powdery particles of wood, it is also a term for bits and pieces of meat falling off the cutting machine when meat and bones are sliced. It may be a combination of pork, beef and lamb bits.


My sawdust recipe is very simple. Boil sawdust with a little water, a little salt and vinegar. I drain the fatty liquid out and then i add in diced pork liver and diced carrots. Boil until done and it smells really delicious. I usually make a large batch and chill it in the fridge. During feeding time I just spoon some and heat it in the microwave to be added to their usual dog food kibbles. Marwind loves it.

I love this photo of Marwind. He’s looking up at me while i took his photo from the terrace. He is about 38.5 kilos now based on our last vet visit two months ago for his yearly shots. He is the guardian of the house. He’s quite fierce looking whenever he’s at his realm but outside of his territory he is a sweetheart and anyone could pet him. He is also very behaved when he’s at the vet and stands still while the vet does his job of opening his mouth, checking his teeth, checking his ears, etc. But at home he is really on his guard mode duties and barks on passersby or anyone whom he perceives as a threat to his territory. He’s a little over two years old and still a puppy at heart. He is the reason why i don’t have potted plants anymore because he destroyed them all haha.. But i love him anyway.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday.

2 thoughts on “marwind loves to eat sawdust

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    Lol! Had me going there…Marwind is lovely 💕Apparently GSD’s dont mature till around two years old…🐺

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