hello again, it’s been a while

I took a moment of hiatus again… it is because of some personal reasons. I have been sharing how my family has been coping with regard to my father’s Alzheimer’s disease. We have been feeling so frustrated as we know that this disease can’t and won’t reverse over time… The QUEST for finding the right attitude in facing our difficulties and challenges as to how to deal with my father has been really exhausting. Two weeks ago, my father’s battle is over. He died peacefully in his sleep. He was tired.

These days, my parents’ house is undergoing some renovations after the cleaning up. All the stuff he had collected over the years that he valued so much (even if most of them are worthless) were finally cleared. It took about 30 minutes for the garbage men to haul all those stuff in the garbage truck.

My father was the kind of a man who really didn’t want someone to touch his things or the house if it needed some fixing. His attitude was further exaggerated because of his illness. My parents lived with light switches that don’t work, screens on windows that are torn, screen doors that don’t close fully as they were sagging, roofs that leaked, doors that don’t close because of broken frames.. stuff even those that are needed to be thrown out are piled up, etc… All of these made my parents house looked so lonely, dim, messy and dirty. My sister and i tried everything to get everything in order and to fix all those that needed fixing but to no avail. My father just don’t want other people in the house. If we called for a handy man, he will get angry and order him to get out. So, for the longest time all of us just do some of the fixing ourselves but most really needed professional help.

Clearing up the house made a big difference. The house is clean, everything is tidied up, all switches are now working, every light bulbs are replaced… it instantly looks like a happy house, bright and airy and the way it is supposed to be. How i wish my father had experienced this.



20 thoughts on “hello again, it’s been a while

    • elizz says:

      thank you for the comforting comment.. yes, we are welcoming a new chapter in our lives and of course will always remember and treasure the sweet memories from yesteryears.

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