cascading beauties

Here’s my 3rd and final installment of a series of photos of my garlic vine flowers also known as the garlic creeper. The soft and silky flowers are deep lavender or purple and as they mature it fades to pale lavender then to white. The flowers are bell shaped and NARROW down like a funnel revealing their bright yellow styles. They are very attractive to insects like bees and butterflies and even ants couldn’t resist its nectar.

The cascading flowers are so pretty.




My garden comes alive when they are in full bloom. Passers by couldn’t help but ADMIRE these charming and dainty flowers.


No worries about the garden smelling like garlic as the heavy flowers don’t really smell like garlic. Only when pruning the stems or crushing the leaves that the garlic scent could be noticed.

This plant was given to me by my mother and she said that old folks believe that it drives away evil spirits and snakes. True or not, they are really very rewarding as they adorn my fence with dazzling colors.

What else makes me happy? Ashton! He is my laptop buddy for today. Took a photo before he takes a nap.


It’s a happy Saturday!

11 thoughts on “cascading beauties

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    They’re beautiful! I shall have to see if I can acquire some.. Ashton looks cute too! Have a lovely week end. : ) x

    • elizz says:

      i think so too rommel…they don’t want that garlic scent.. when i was younger, i used to see leis made of garlic (braided together) hung on windows and doors in the province..

  2. Imelda says:

    Elizz, the flowers are pretty but somehow, they bring to mind similar looking flowers from my childhood. I remember more the smell than the appearance, in fact. Medyo mabantot ang amoy noon. Does this flower have that odd scent?

    • elizz says:

      probably this is the plant that you remembered from your childhood.. these flowers have pungent scent, a bit citrusy, oniony and sage smelling.. ito siguro yon..but these are butterfly magnets.

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