my journey out of the storm

I have been feeling a little bit unpleasant these past few days. Well, not because of the gloomy weather but it is because of some bumps i encounter during my long JOURNEY out of the “STORM“. As i’ve shared in one of my previous blog posts, i am in the process of moving on. As far as my feelings are concerned, i am okay, i’ve moved on. Love is long gone and there is no way for it to come back. Trust and respect are major factors in a relationship and if they’re gone, love is gone too. But sometimes, my journey is not going smooth as i want it to be. How would you feel if someone wanted you to spit out all the “candies” you have eaten and count them one by one. They are just material things. All the material things i received and enjoyed during the course of the relationship are not enough to ease away all the pain and the emotional trauma i have experienced.

Anyway, enough of the drama.

These lovely pink roses surely help to brighten up my day…



Note to self:
I am a strong person and that no amount of negativity could shatter my journey towards happiness.

8 thoughts on “my journey out of the storm

  1. K@countingpenniesandsheep says:

    The certainly brightened mine!!
    It’s getting ready rain outside… but I saw your post float on by and the pink roses really got my attention!!

    May the positive get better each passing hour for both of us…

    And you are not alone.. trust me. 🙂 Insert silly face here..

    Kind regards and sunshine – K

    • elizz says:

      yes, we are strong! pouring my heart out really helps to release my anger… well, who wouldn’t be with the kind of situation i am in right now but that’s part of life and i’ve chosen to stand strong.. thank you for sending me positive vibes 🙂

    • elizz says:

      thank you samantha .. i am feeling much better now.. well, it’s just one of those bumps and i am still on my journey towards happiness, nothing and no one would stop me..

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