feeling hopeful

It’s a good morning. The kitties are hungry and waiting for me at my bedroom door. Well, all the kitties sleep downstairs and Star is the only one who sleeps with me. I guess it’s what you call “privilege” because Star used to be the only kitty in the house but now they are 5.

While feeding the other outside cats at the back of the house, i saw a nice cloud formation. I ran inside to take my cellphone but the CLOUDS drastically changed its shape and i wasn’t able to take good shots. Must be the strong wind up there. So instead i would like to share these photos i took when we visited our hometown.

Clear blue sky, lovely weather and nice view overlooking Laguna de Bay.


My province became a popular local tourist spot and bikers’ destination since the construction of wind turbines.


Wind turbine up ahead… Our trip to the province was so worth it as it’s the first time i have seen turbines this close.


Today is a brand new day… a new beginning and everyone is very hopeful for a better nation as the new President of the country has just been sworn into office. Thank you June and hello July.

For more good vibes, here’s a photo of Star with her #wokeuplikethis looks.



17 thoughts on “feeling hopeful

  1. pilch92 says:

    I can’t get enough of Star’s photos, she is beautiful. My Snowball had to get a lion cut for the summer because she won’t let me groom her.

    • elizz says:

      Boots donned the lion cut a long time ago. He’s a persian gray cat but underneath all that fur is a spotted skin like a leopard.. oh i wish i could find that photo.

  2. sharingiscaring00 says:

    lovely photos, and my cats are my life too…I love that you can talk and blog about your cats every day it seems..

    • elizz says:

      i am trying to squeeze in the kitties in my post.. after all my cellphone is full of cats’ photos (crazy cat lady that i am).. well, i took a long hiatus in 2015 and just came back to blogging in april 2016 due to some personal problems but i have moved on and these days i blog as often as i could..

  3. Linda Arthur Tejera says:

    Your house is starting to sound like mine! I have my two oldest and smallest females (non-destructive) upstairs and the other five are downstairs. But I spend about as much time downstairs as I do up!

    • elizz says:

      same here linda.. i spend lots of time downstairs but when i retire in my bedroom at night then it’s just Star and me.. 4 kitties sleep downstairs and all of them are males.. if Star wants to go downstairs i let her but she is the snob type and wants nothing to do with the playful boys.

    • elizz says:

      no imelda, from rizal province.. bagong tayo lang mga windturbines dun kaya they are attracting lots of local tourists.. exact location is in pililla rizal.

      • elizz says:

        i’ve heard from my relatives that all of them are all fully operational.. buti pa sa province namin they have source of alternative energy..

      • Imelda says:

        di siguro hindi masyadong apektado ng mga brown outs ano? Sana, isama ng bagong administration sa priority ang power sources para sa mga probinsiya.

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