of raindrops and curves

Summer is over.. or is it? Today’s temperature reached 32 degrees and it was too hot. It is supposed to be rainy season but rain only visits about once a week and that is very strange. Anyway, i snapped some photos of yellowbells in the garden after a heavy downpour last week. It was really a relief and i literally welcomed it with open arms.

I love taking photos of raindrops on flowers and leaves. They are like heaven-sent crystal gems that shine and sparkle as touched by the little ray of sunshine. I’m sure the flowers must have been so thankful as it quenches all its nooks and CURVES.



And speaking of CURVES… show them your curves my babies…

Here’s Ashton showing you his curves… his big belly curves 🙂


Here’s Kuting donning the same pose and showing you his curves (oops! not his machoness haha because he’s already neutered)


Their goofiness and playfulness always make me smile.

Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday 🙂

10 thoughts on “of raindrops and curves

  1. arlene says:

    I love your shots. Where do you buy those pretty neck accessories for your kitties? We have adopted a kitten (she’s not afraid of our remaining dog) and my son wants to buy something for her.

    • elizz says:

      hi arlene… that’s great! kitty collars are bought at pet express in MOA. I specifically have chosen breakaway cat collars for safety purposes.. This is good because it is designed to pop open or release if the kitty accidentally get snagged in protruding objects (baka masakal if hindi nag-release ang collar).. This collar is very advisable for outdoor cats because they jump on fences (baka sumabit yung collar and if it’s not the breakaway type, masasakal at mabibitin si kitty).. hope you’ll share a photo.. and i’m happy that she and your doggy get along well.

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