white as snow

SMOOTH as satin, soft as cotton, white as snow… that’s me.


Hi everyone, i am Star.

  • i am an oddeyed traditional persian cat
  • 4 years old
  • loves to play
  • was hospitalized once when i was 2 years due to low-blood count (mom cried bucketloads for that because she was extremely worried)
  • just a little friendly with the other kitties but very attached to doggie Kristina because i grew up with her and we sleep together every night
  • i am mom’s first cat, well i used to be the only one in the house til she adopted Tiger, fostered Boots, rescued Ashton and Kuting and now we are 5 and i’m the only princess
  • i love staring at mom, i always enjoy watching her
  • other than mom’s bed, you could find me sleeping in the open type cabinet.. can you see me?


Sorry for messing with the clothes again mom…

16 thoughts on “white as snow

  1. pilch92 says:

    You are gorgeous! I have a white persian with different colored eyes named Snowball. Don’t tell her, but you look much prettier, she just had a lion cut for the summer.

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