a moment of euphoria

I scattered lots of catnip on the floor and the kitties went crazy. They looked so silly as they lick it, chew on it, and roll themselves on it. Watching them having their moment of euphoria is such a delight.

After the mad scramble for catnip, it’s time for some day dreaming. I wonder what my cats were visually imagining in their heads. I could only think that maybe they imagined to be floating in the sky and catching all those chicken treats flying by or maybe chasing those colorful butterflies in the garden. I wish i really knew.

The looks on Kuting’s FACE after the play…


Kuting is such sweet cat. The moment he decided to walk inside the gate and joined the group of outside cats that i have been feeding, i knew he is different. He is mellow and has a soft meow. When a part of his tail died because of wound infection (most probably because of an attack by other neighborhood cats) i brought him to the vet for tail docking. I knew he was suffering from dragging that dead tail as he moves. After the operation and series of antibiotics, he has recovered and is well again. And yes, he was also neutered and vaccinated and became an indoor cat. He settled in immediately being indoor and learned how to play. He is a HEALTHY and a happy cat.

Happy Sunday everyone. 🙂

11 thoughts on “a moment of euphoria

  1. arlene says:

    I am thinking of having a cat but I am afraid our remaining dog would just chase it away. Where do you buy your cats, aside from those you adopt from the neighborhood.

    • elizz says:

      hi arlene, isa lang yung binili ko si Star yung profile pic ko.. I wanted kase talaga an all white oddeyed cat.. The rest rescued cats na. Nag search lang ako online.. About your dog, siguro let the cat be in the cage for sometime until ma-accustomed na your dog and slowly introduce. Is your dog the type who chases cats if nasa labas sya? Or dedma lang.. Good thing for me cause my indoor dogs treat the kitties as playmates and sometimes run like crazy chasing each other but of course that’s all play.

      • arlene says:

        Our previous pets were accustomed seeing cats but the dog we have now is somewhat ferocious. Makakita lang ng pusa sa labas ng gate kahit malayo, kinakahulan niya. We used to have five cats a few years back and they slept together with the doggies.

        Thanks Elizz. Someday, I may have one too….hopefully!

      • arlene says:

        okay lang sa akin mg ampon, gusto ko all white din, ayaw ko ng may ibang kulay kasi nakakatakot sa gabi…hahaha, mata lang makikita mo.

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