weekly photo challenge: endurance

Only Star could endure going up the door among all my kitties. She is the most adventurous and could stay there for a long period of time. She could even take a short nap up there too. If you’re wondering how she could go up there, she uses the screen door and crawl up until she reaches the top of the door. How? click here for photos.



Would you believe that this cat condo box is almost 6 months old? I made this box last April. I wanted to replace this but this has been one of Tiger’s favorite spots. It has endured a lot of scratching, bites and rough plays, trampled upon and yet he still loves to sleep in it.


Tiger sleeping inside the cat condo box


Tiger sleeping inside the cat condo box


Tiger and Boots at play

It used to look like this 6 months ago.


Tiger inside the cat condo box

Check out other ENDURANCE photos at TheDailyPost.


15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: endurance

  1. Linda Arthur Tejera says:

    So cute! I think I’ll have to make a couple of those cat condos! My Nicky used to jump from the bathroom sink to the top of the door and scare me to death. He’s mellowed since he’s gotten older and diabetic; he’s not quite as athletic anymore.

    • elizz says:

      thank you.. i used to get scared whenever Star does that but she’s just so used to it and could balance herself well so i just let her if she wants to.. 🙂

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