catpurrday friday post: a feral kitty named Trico

Hi everyone.. kittycat Star here. I know it’s already Saturday and mum was late in posting my cat purrday friday post. She has been busy but i promise you it was for a good cause.



You see, mum has been feeding 5 sometimes 6 neighborhood kitties. Oh yes they have names. They are Big Mama (gingercat), Big Boy (orange and white male cat), Linggit (mostly white with orange tail male cat), Trico (calico female cat), Potty (ginger male cat) and Junior (white with black ears and tail male cat). Potty is one of the kitties dumped in the vacant lot and Junior is an on-off visitor during feeding time. No, i don’t get jealous if i see mum feeding other cats. She says she couldn’t stand hungry kitties. You know i think mum has a cat magnet. All the kitties that she feeds outside are aloof and frightened but except for mum. She could touch them and pet them and they even comes over when mum is calling their names. I think they all trusted mum because they all know that she is the lady with the food. 

Now the good news. The other day, mum brought Trico at the vet and she has been spayed. Yey!

Trico,  is a calico or a tricolored cat and is the 3rd generation of kitties of Big Mama. When mum found out she’s on heat, she immediately planned on having her spayed. Here’s a photo of Trico when she arrived home from the vet. Mum kept her overnight before she was let out of the cat carrier. Right now, i think Trico is doing fine, she’s eating well and the spaying stitch is looking good.



While me and mum is busy doing this post i saw my sibling Tiger asleep on the kitty bed at the cat condo. He really loves to take naps. 



My boyfriend Boots is on the floor and begging for mum’s attention so he rolls over like crazy. I just love it when he does that, he looks gorgeous and cute with those big eyes.



That’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend kitties. Til next Friday for my next cat purrday post. See y’all.

Sweet hugs and purr,
kittycat Star


15 thoughts on “catpurrday friday post: a feral kitty named Trico

    • elizz says:

      thank you… mum feels that it’s the most responsible thing to do other than feeding the kitties.. oh yes, trico didn’t know her tongue was sticking out a bit.. xo Star

    • elizz says:

      thank you.. mum is doing it one kitty at a time.. cost of spaying is a bit expensive. Cost is discounted at the Phil.Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) but the location is so far from our area.. xo Star

  1. Linda Arthur Tejera says:

    My, goodness, we live parallel lives it seems! I have mom and dad and three young ‘uns that I feel outside. We haven’t caught them yet to take them to the vet. I really with I could find homes for them and get them off the street. 🙂

    • elizz says:

      it’s nice that you have a big heart too for feeding the kitties.. the problem with some feral cats is that they are not that social.. the cats i am feeding now are friendly but just with me.. they are very aloof and frightened with other people.. i think it’s really impossible to find homes for them since i see lots of street cats around.. for now i think they are safe with me, with food to eat and shelter if it rains..

      • elizz says:

        the moment the kitties let you touch them is a big achievement.. took a long time to earn their trust.. right now i am glad that they already know their names.. even if it’s an additional chore feeding them i feel happy seeing them happy as they play in the garden.. ahh for the love of cats.. 🙂 🙂

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