a word a week photo challenge: rust

This morning as i visit my garden, i saw Johnny’s old cage sitting idly at the back of the house and rusting away. He passed three months ago and i still struggle with the pain of losing him.

I put a yellow flower on the old cage which is the same kind of flower that i offered him on the morning of May 28 when he passed. (Note: Johnny was NOT a caged dog. The cage is just used for Johnny’s safety everytime we  park the car or drive the car out of the garage.) 

This old cage has served well.


rusted cage


rusted cage

This following is a photo of his new cage, bigger, wider and it even has roof insulation. The door has been left shut since the day he passed and i wonder who will ever use this cage again.


If you want to read my tribute to my beloved Johnny, you may visit this page.

And if you want to join in A Word A Week Photo Challenge with Rust as this week’s theme visit Sue’s blog.

4 thoughts on “a word a week photo challenge: rust

  1. amaryllislog says:

    Oh I do feel your sadness and completely understand. I too have physical memories of my four legged friends that are no longer with me. What’s the rush to move it along? Maybe at some point the cage will bring you happy memories beyond loss but the good times.

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