weekly photo challenge: fray

Broken-down, worn out,  grungy, faded, dingy, dilapidated .. they all describe these old armchairs from a public elementary school.




a pile of armchairs

It is just so sad that children had to endure using these chairs in school for many years. But, on a brighter note the reason why these are all piled up is because the public elementary school was renovated and those ugly chairs are now replaced by brand new ones.

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9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: fray

    • elizz says:

      i usually pass by near the public school whenever i visit my mom’s place and i think it has been more than 20yrs when the school was erected.. finally after more than 2 decades the local government noticed the pitiful state of the school.. they now have a 2story concrete building.. so true sylvia, children should have at least a comfortable school and nice desks so they could be inspired more to learn and study.

    • elizz says:

      yes, it’s really sad.. the children doesn’t have a choice.. since it’s a public school most of them are from really poor families whose own homes they even couldn’t repair.. good thing though that the local government had seen their plight and now they are happier with brand new sets of chairs and a new school building.

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