it’s saturday and i’m craving for pasta

Pasta is one of my favorite dishes to cook. They are so versatile and so simple to cook. There are a ton of ingredients to choose from to make a pasta dish and the possibilities are endless.

Today i am sharing with you my own version of Salmon and Spinach Pasta. Sounds delish right? Yes it is. My kids loved it. This is how i prepare it:

  • Cook pasta according to your liking.
  • In another pan, pan fry salmon slices in olive oil. Don’t forget to season it with salt and pepper before frying. Don’t overcook. Once done, shred into bite size pieces.
  • For pasta sauce, melt some butter in pan, add a bit of flour. Once cooked, slowly add milk and cream. Season with salt and pepper. For my secret ingredient i usually add chicken cube to make the best tasting sauce. Stir continuously until it thickens then add the shredded salmon and spinach leaves. Save some shredded salmon for toppings.
  • Once sauce is prepared, add in the cooked pasta, blend well and serve.

And here it is… presenting my own version … creamier, chunkier and loaded with more spinach which i love.


my own version

My inspiration came from this dish which i have tasted in one of the popular restaurants.

restaurant version

restaurant version

Happy Saturday to all.

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