international cat day

How could a crazy cat lady like me had missed the date… it’s World Cat Day last August 8. In some other countries it is celebrated every February 17, March 1 and October 29 but whatever it is, in my home it is everyday World Cat Day

cute, lovable, graceful, regal, clean, curious, smart, intelligent, elegant, beautiful, spoiled
Loves to walk over me and kiss my nose, replies whenever i call her name, follows me around.



cute, cuddly, snuggly, curious, adorable, sweet, funny, silly
Loves to cuddle and snuggle and my everyday nap buddy.



cute, fluffy, cuddly, mysterious, smart, sweet, handsome
Loves to cheek rubs, head bumps, and swish his furry tail on me, loves to roll over for some belly rubs.



Happy World Cat Day from my 3 kitties.


And.. speaking of cats, August 10 is World Lion Day. It’s a global celebration to raise awareness on the importance and conservation of the majestic king of the jungle.

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