a word a week photo challenge: transport

Do you want to drive this cute and colorful Tweety Bird Honda Jazz? Yes, Tweety Bird of the famous “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat” lines.

I got so excited seeing this car. It surely made me smile and I think it’s fun, unique and girly. When i saw the driver/owner alighted from the car, i shyly asked permission to take a photo.


honda jazz (photo taken with permission from the driver/owner)

Did you notice those long eyelashes? Isn’t it cute?

Hey Sylvester, i found Tweety Bird!


6 thoughts on “a word a week photo challenge: transport

    • elizz says:

      yes, it’s really cute. You know when i talked to the driver to ask permission to take a photo of the car he said it’s not actually his but his mom’s.. hehe maybe he thought i was surprised on finding that the driver is a male..

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