i’m back!!!

There are really those times during the blogging period where there’s a need to make a hiatus… a time to reflect and to recharge. A lot has happened during the 10-month break, some ups and downs, the passing of my german shepherd whom i love so dearly and i still miss, graduation day of one of my sons, travelling, family reunions last Christmas, addition of a new cat for fostering which i think he’s mine now, etc. I tried to go back on blogging (a different blog) but it’s more of a personal blog with cat posts every now and then of course.

I would like to thank everyone who still visits this blog even when i’m away. Thank you for your likes and comments and i noticed that some of my previous posts still get “likes” and i appreciate it very much.

The biggest blow that happened to me during the time of my hiatus was the passing of my beloved dog last May 28, 2014. I will post my tribute to my Johnny after this. I still cry whenever i think of him because i really miss my sweet boy.

I hope to update this more often and speaking of update, i better update my About page too.



Kitty Star says hi to everyone.

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