my e-journal: dainty doilies and fruits of the spirit

Intricately handwoven and hand embroidered, these dainty lace doilies adorn the table of one of my favorite restaurants.


dainty doilies

A colorful cup is used to hold signs of inspiring quotes.


colorful cup

A rather ordinary but lovely blue glass is used as tea light holder and a mason jar to hold the flower centerpiece made from sea shells. Simple but pretty isn’t it?


vase and tea light holder

A mirror mural with a painting of a plant that bears ‘Fruits Of The Spirit’ is very inspiring. The list may vary but here’s what’s written on the mirror…

Fruits Of The Spirit: gentleness, peace, self-control, patience and kindness.

My own interpretation is if one has gentleness he attains peace, if one has peace he has self-control, and if he has self-control he gains patience, and if one is patient he learns kindness.


Fruits Of The Spirit

Have a nice weekend everyone  🙂

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